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Monday, December 21, 2015

We don't imagine God ~ He imagines us!

Me ~ What does that mean?

John ~ Scientists make fun of the fact that we who believe in God actually do think that 'something' came from 'something'; whereas, they believe that something came from nothing. I at least believe that we came from something and that being is someOne who is the Creator of Heaven and Earth of all things seen and unseen. Yet, they believe we came from nothing. How crazy is that? Which world view is the crazy one?  Simplicity cannot create complexity. Only complexity can create complexity. There is no evidence anywhere in nature or our social reality that from something simple came something complex. In fact, the tiniest cell is incredibly complex. Human beings cannot re-create life. Why? It is too complex.

Me ~ I agree, but some say that we came from something and that something is a complex cosmic gas.

John ~ If that were true, then who created complex cosmic gas. Its a rabbit hole for atheists. They stand on the premise that from non living chemistry came living complexity. They don't and can't explain why. I can answer that. "From things that are unseen came things that are" Hebrews 11. Atheists also like to advocate that the universe came from another universe; but all that does is keep kicking the can down the road. They ask... when did the universe begin? Before a Christan can answer that for them, they blurt out - at the Big Bang and that one moment was a singularity event. I say, I don't disagree. God is His complex creativity can point his finger and a Big Bang event occurred. "Let there be Light"~ Genesis.

Me ~ I've heard the argument that we cannot understand the cosmos because it is bigger than we are.

John ~ I say the same, we cannot understand God (an incredibly complex being) because He is bigger than we are; in fact, outside of our time/space dimension. They argue that they can observe and understand the cosmos as in that observation know how the cosmos came to be. I can say the same. I can see and understand God just by looking at His creation - the cosmos and all life and all things in it.

The argument goes on as they continue to say things like "well you cannot know God". They say that the cosmos is knowable. Really? I can say the same thing - God is knowable. They say how? I say because he made you. He made man in His image. I agree that I cannot know everything about him because he is bigger than me. But because He our creator, we can know of Him and because of Him we exist even though God is outside of our experience of space and time, He is the sum of everything in it.

He is eternal. Though, a person as a 'thing' here and now in this time/space cannot be eternal does not mean that in Him we are not. Even science (what I like to call what God allows us to understand) as practiced here and now tells us that things have properties that are finite, things decay. The universe is in a state of decay - degradation. The universe follows science  - the laws of cause and effect. God is a Creator. He caused man and the universe. Something cannot arise from nothing.

Me ~ I agree but the rebuttal will be that God then has a cause.

John ~ Back in the 1700s, people thought that flies came from garbage. A fly is not the same as trash. Is that any different than imagining a human being from a single cell organism? Both are not true but they can appear that way. Simple things do not come from things less complex. Yet, most atheists say that man came from nothing as that which they are not yet fully capable of understanding. I say we came from something and when the time is right, when God allows, we will fully understand the creator. Scientists of all kinds including mathematicians try very hard to find other ways to explain how something comes from nothing. They can put x  in a equation to represent that which they do not yet understand. I don't disagree. X = God and God is x.

As for God having a cause. For those that are not creationists, their best outlet is to say that there is a bubble, one universe inside another. They don't want to confess, they don't want to admit that an intelligence greater than they are can be an un-created being - the first thing and the last ~ The Alpha and The Omega!

Its logical. 

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him— these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us.This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words". 2 Corinthians 2:9-13

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Great Deception!

Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God ~ 2 Th 2:3-5. 

Me ~ What is the great deception?

John ~ The great deception is the greatest lie ever told and it will be told by the Anti-Christ.

Me ~ What is the lie?

John ~ The greatest lie is that we don't need a savior nor redeemer and we can become gods ourselves. We can find a way on our own to save ourselves spiritually and physically.

Me ~ How did Jesus prepare us to recognize the lie.

John ~ When Jesus came here he gave proof that He was God by the things He did and said that were prophesied thousands of years before Him. He became the sacrifice to take away our sin and give us eternal life. And, he promised to give us God's spirit as evidence that we are now reborn into God's kingdom. Having this spirit in us gives us discernment to recognize the truth from the lie.

Jesus's life and death on earth was to reveal to us that death is lie. He came to tell us that our real life is not in this fallen fleshly world. Since the fall, we now live in a sinful corrupt world, death is the result of sin in the world. Through His death and our death we overcome the world of sin. In that overcoming, we are born of the spirit and with that and in that given eternal life. This promise, was in fact, the first demonstrated to us in the experience of Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his son Issac.

Me ~ If you saying that is death is a lie, then why will the Anti-Christ tell us this if Jesus Christ already did?

John ~ The difference is that the Anti-Christ is going to tell us that we don't need God for eternal life, we just need him and our own technology.The Anti-Christ will tell us that this place is the 'real place' and that death is a lie and that he is God wants does not want not to die but to live and worship him. To accomplish this, all we have to do is use the technology he has given us; for instance, technology to create new DNA, to take the mark of our new creation. That is the lie.

Me ~ Are we being set up for this Anti-Christ and his false promise even now?

John ~ Yes. We see this new generation completely subservient to this very new technology, fully trusting it and those behind it. They are completely unaware that their humanity and freedom are being stolen from them. They are being indoctrinated in simple and naive ways by ungodly men and women. Firstly, they have accepted demonic images, devils and magic as normal. They have accepted tattoos as normal and they have accepted technology as friendly; living in their virtual fb/twitter worlds. They have accepted lies about homosexuality and that the  environment is a living 'mother' spirit. They have accepted the idea that they are their own god and life is all about them and that they are entitled to think that way. There has never been a generation in all of human history so prepared to be deceived as the new millennials.

Me ~ What is the future going to be like for those (including all ages) not being deceived?

John ~ It is going to be dangerous. Because the deception is going to be so wide spread and accepted by the majority. It is going to make it difficult to have and keep a job and be a part of the culture and society. In Rev. chapter 13 we read that those who do not take the mark will not be able to buy or sell. Essentially, living in a world sold out to deception will be a perilous as Jesus said it would be. But perilous in so far as our bodies can be killed, but Thank God in Jesus Christ we have eternal life and we should not be afraid.

I know that from God's own word, He will provide for us and protest us and use us for His glory and we will inherit everything once He has cleaned this mess up. So, for the longer range forecast, for those who are not deceived, the future will be utterly incredibly wonderful. "Blessed on are the dead who die in the Lord from now on." Rev. 14:13. " He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things has passed away." Rev. 21:5. While the future for those deceived, the future is going to be  incredibly horrifying. ..."for during those days (men who have the mark of the beast and not the seal of God on their foreheads), they will seek death, (they will want to die) but death will elude them".  Rev. 9

Know that we are in the kingdom now (Colossians 1:13), but there is a more glorious phase to yet be entered (2 Peter 1:11). We enjoy salvation presently (Mark 16:16), but there is a greater dimension, a heavenly salvation, to be received at death (2 Timothy 4:18). There is a sense in which we are with Christ now (Matthew 18:20; 26:29; 28:20), but there is a more exalted state in which we will be with him ultimately (Philippians 1:23; 2 Corinthians 5:8).

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Complimentarity ~ God's Creation of the 'Sexes/Genders'.

Me ~ There is much debate today that gender is socially created and that one's sexual identity should not be socially mandated in that God creates everyone individually and man creates groups. Yet, we can read in the Bible that woman compliments man and that she is instructed differently from him. Did God create gender as we understand it? Or, did He just create complimentarity as the key factor for human existence and that would thus mean that any couple (individual created/coming together) who compliment each other as godly.

John ~ God created gender as a relationship of complimentarity and procreation. God saw that the first man was alone and needed someone to share life with. So He provided that person in the female. God saw that mankind needed a way to reproduce and so He provided that ability for mankind in the female and male joined. God also saw that mankind needed a spiritual analog to relate to God's relationship with man. And, so he created that analog in the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. So, saying that 'like or same sex' genders are complimentary is false and not godly. They cannot produce offspring which makes their union irrational and purposeless and clearly the result of corruption. Such a union is unable to fulfill God's purpose here in this realm.

Therefore, gender is both sexual and complimentary in this realm/ life where procreation is a requirement for the success of species and success of God's purpose which is evident in all of nature and the universe... opposites attract and thus opposites move time forward in this condition, this created universe.. But, in the future in the new creation (new heavens/earth - New Jerusalem) procreation will not be necessary. However, complimentarity will continue as we have in "gender relations" as in opposites existing in equilibrium though without the procreation component. Equilibrium will continue to be necessary and that does not mean equal or the same in attributes. God is a Trinity, that He is the same and different~ the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Evidence for this complementarity, as ordained by God in the male/ female, we can observe in same sex couples that they always operate in a simulation of God's complementarity. I say simulation because it is fabricated by them and not by God. For example, when we observe two males one will be dominant and one will be submissive and the same for two females.This fabrication is the evidence that human beings are meant to operate as two different sexes/genders in a permanent bonding godly relationship. This is not only critical for the well being of the individuals involved but for the godly functioning of the next generation.

Religion is Satan's Greatest Trap ~ How to Win Atheists for Christ!

Me ~ Organized religion is that what Jesus wanted? Is participating in organized religion what saves you? Can you not 'go to church'?

John ~ First answer - No. Second answer - organized religion does not save you. Third answer - First, let's say that you can go to church as a social commitment whereby there is a worshiping God with fellow Christians. You see, you can belong to an organized church and yet be a member of the true church. It is the motivation in your heart that separates the tears and the wheat. If you go for other reasons other than celebrating the Lord than you are not who you say you are... a Christian. Jesus was always more concerned with the heart of people than appearances.

Me ~ How is religion Satan's greatest trap and why make that statement?

John ~ Religion is a replacement for a true relationship with God. Religion is based on human works to achieve salvation. The other is based on God's works to give us the gift of salvation.

Me ~ Agree, but is Satan actually using the church? How is it his trap?

John ~ A trap is where you think you are safe 'saved' but really in danger. Anything that you achieve salvation through your works or through tradition or ceremony is a lie. One can become comfortable with the lie and think that it is truth.

Me ~ Why do people become or claim to be atheist?

John ~ I have heard from atheists own mouths is that they want to have complete sexual freedom. For them, God cannot judge them for their sexuality. After all, sexual desire is 'natural'. What they don't understand is that there is a world of the flesh and a world of the spirit. The Bible, the Word of God, tells us that one cannot live in both worlds. If you live and pursue the world of the flesh you will not be filled with the Holy Spirit there just won't be, let us say, room for Him in you. The Bible reminds us that the flesh will die but the spirit will be eternal. Yet, if one does not get to know or train for godliness with the "eternal" Holy Spirit, they will not know what it means to expect let alone receive the promise of eternal life.

Me ~ Can atheists want to have their cake and eat it too?

John ~ They do not realize that such an indulgence is not possible. If you want to be a marathon distance runner, you have to make sacrifices if you want to make it to the finish line let alone win. "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize. Run in such a way as to get the prize." 1 COR 9:24.

If I were to debate an atheist, I would apply what Paul reminded us earlier on in 1 COR 9, which was that I would have to imagine being an atheist. When Paul said that in order to argue for Christ he had to become as a Jew when with Jews, and become like one under the law when around those under the law, and become like those not having the law when around them, and become like the weak when around those who are weak. Paul instructed us to relate to people where they are... we can imagine that Paul would have instructed us to become as an atheist and argue for Christ from that point.

If I were an atheist who had a problem of existence, then I would have to ask myself "what is more rational that the universe and man was created by an alien, a random event or a Creator who in His creativity has purpose in all that He designs?" As a logical atheist person, I would have to choose a Creator as I see evidence of God, and recognize that something cannot come from nothing. Things do not appear on their own, a purely logical assumption.

Then, of course, as an atheist if it is a problem of evil I would have to ask "why do bad things happen?" In a created universe where there is a Creator who has a purpose for His design, all creation would be given free will in order that they themselves choose Him. In not choosing Him, evil is enabled. Then of course, I would ask but why did so- and-so get killed in a car accident or die from cancer? They were nice. Well, no they were not nice. We as creations having free will are not nice and always potentially able to do evil. There is not a yard stick for it... gossip is just as evil as murder in the mind of an all perfect and omnipotent Creator.

This is not comfortable to deal with. Hence, as an atheist, I might give up. It is easy to think I am nice and that I am or can get away with all my choices as long as I am willing to recognize that being nice is relative. But, as an atheist, who is not yet ready to give up sensing the purpose of absolute truth, I might consider that there is a need for absolute truth in that it is logical to have it in mind. Thus, I can fully understand, concerning the problem of evil in the world, that though I am in the world, I am not of it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eliminating Evil in the World!

Me ~ Given today's events, so many people, Christians and non- Christians, are screaming to eliminate evil in the world. Is that possible?

John ~ First, let me say that my heart goes out to all those who have been hurt by recent events. There is no reason to lay blame or labels, this is a corrupt world. It has been since the Fall of Mankind. Now, the question, can we or God eliminate evil in the world? Probably more people would want me to address the question, if there is a God why does evil happen or why does he let it happen?

As His creation, I cannot suppose to know His mind or the potential of His mind in the world (this corrupted version). What I can say is what I imagine a great creator would be faced with: actual and potential evil. So, let us work with that since we understand through physics as in quantum applications of how things are as in 'actual' and are possible as in 'potential'.

Eliminating evil in the world as it would be with eliminating anything would mean that you have to rid the world all actual evil and all potential evil. So, in fact, that could very well mean eliminating 'you' or anybody as we all have within us potential for evil. God's way as I imagine a great creator would do (I can imagine that being His creation) would be to grant free will and let creation choose to reject evil.  Therefore, on does not need to destroy the entire creation to eliminate evil.

Me ~ Amen! All things are possible with God Mark 10:27 and everything is permissible but not beneficial. 1COR 10:23

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why bad things happen, evil in the world...

Me ~ In light of the tragedy in France, many people are asking why. They ask why would God allow such a thing. How would you comment?

John ~ Bad things happen all the time everyday to everyone, people everywhere. Why? Because, God gives us the ability to choose between right and wrong. If we were not able to make that decision why would we know what is evil and what is good.

Me ~ Yes, but when people are hurting and afraid they don't see how even this ability works in their favor let alone the world's.They think that good can be accomplished through man's law for all time.

John ~ Laws don't guarantee people will be good all the time, not in this world. Christ came to say that ... man cannot live under the law. His message was that You have to change hearts and it has to be a choice, our choice.  Some choose evil and some choose good and there are eternal consequences for those choices. The best of all possible worlds is to live in the one where we are able to make choices, we are learning to make the right choice while at the same time others are making the wrong choice. This is how we learn to make the right choice....Follow Him. Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself and love God with all your heart, mind and soul... pick up your cross and follow me" ~ Matthew 19:19. That would be the right choice.

Is that just? Yes it is just. Because we are given the freedom to choose right and wrong rather than having it dictated to us. And, as Christians, we have this knowledge of hope that there is a day coming when the Lord will return and when he does those choices will no longer be necessary because those living in that kingdom won't have to make those choices because they have learned how in this world. 

Me ~ Amen!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Word of God ~ It is by Faith that We are Saved!

Me ~ Many Christians may have heard of William Tyndale but rather many have not. He was a Catholic priest who wanted the average person to read the Word of God; given that, he translated the Bible directly from Greek and Hebrew texts into English while in hiding and had them shipped to England. Sadly, he was considered a heretic by the Catholic Church and burned at the stake in 1536. How could that be when Tyndale was obviously a man of God? He could speak seven languages and he was proficient in ancient Hebrew and Greek. As a priest and a man of God, his only desire was to teach English men and women the good news of justification by faith. Why do you think that the Catholic considered him a heretic, was it because of his view of salvation by faith and not works?

John ~ Firstly, let me say that Tyndale was an excellent Biblical scholar. He was Oxford trained in Greek and Hebrew. His desire was to bring the Word of God to the people. He never refuted what he was doing because what he was doing was what Jesus had done and that was to rebuke the institutionalization of salvation that had crystallized and ultimately caged the very people that Christ came to set free. Tyndale's criticism of the Catholic Church was that it kept the Word of God away from the common man. Tyndale had justifiable criticism against the power and wealth of Catholic priests and bishops and this threatened to disrupt their monopoly and control over people and their own positions in the church. In a sense, Tyndale was much like Martin Luther who too as a Catholic priest saw that people were not served by the 'church' but rather they were enslaved by it.

Me ~ Some people today, especially Catholics think that works are part of salvation. What are they getting wrong? 

John ~ Works do not save you but are evidence of your salvation. Paul stated that the works we do are the fruit of the Spirit therefore evidence to the world that you/we are Christs... It is by faith and faith alone that you are saved. Hence, works are the evidence of faith. Which means that salvation comes only by faith in Christ's finished works not by anything that we can do so that no one can boast ... by their own merit.  Essentially, Tyndale was inline with Paul who stressed that salvation is a gift - God's grace. For if it were not a gift, then grace would be meaningless... if grace could be earned, it would not be grace but a work.

Read Hebrews 8, 9 and 10 ~ Jesus is our high priest, his ministry is far superior to the old priesthood...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Serpent in the Garden ~ The Problem for Women

Me ~ Today, we can see the Serpent in the garden. It appears Satan is gaining influence and again through 'woman'.  Why is that? 

John ~ Because, Satan sees a woman where God placed her...second to Adam. Woman thinks she is second to Adam as in being second best. However, that was not God's design. He gave a gift to Adam = Eve...and this gift was never intended to be second-hand or second best. This idea of being second best is how Satan sees himself. He went after Eve hoping to get her to think as He does... second best. He plays upon her by seducing and inducing in her jealousy and pride. Expecting her to react as  he does... not wanting to be second to God but first - over and above God.

Me ~ As we can observe, woman is again being seduced and induced into Satan's false label of her - second best. What do you think will be the outcome?

John ~ Firstly, women today have fallen for the lie that being subservient to an authority makes them second best as if they are being forced into servitude. God's authority in the universe appears to be a kind of forced- upon order. However, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen, does not force anything into existence. He creates out of love. His authority has purpose which is to protect His order of things which exist because He exists and which remain because of His order and He cares for that order. Lack of order creates chaos uncertainty and inevitably destruction.

Look around, women seek to be independent from men, which actually puts them out of God's order and His protection. This is not recent. For sometime, women have seen themselves as requiring a revolt against men.... in a society that was in line with God's order.

Me ~ Yes, I agree. However, many women are in positions of power, some even 'have it all'. Yet, in saying that, studies reveal that more and more women are unhappy. What lies ahead for women? Is the serpent in the garden here to stay?

John ~  Before answering what lies ahead, I want to answer the later of the two. Satan is here to stay until the Lord comes back and throws him into the abyss. However, we as human beings can still make choices, both good and bad. Based upon the obvious collapse of our social fabric, we better start to make the right choices before everything is completely destroyed.

What lies ahead depends on both women and men. We need to return to Biblical marriage and family. Women need to understand their position which is not second best nor is it equal. God's position for women is that of a gift. As such, men  are not made inferior nor are women made superior. A gift is respected and cherished. If that gift is set aside or left alone, it has no purpose as a gift anymore. The gift of being female, is to compliment male.

The promotion of homosexual lifestyle is a lack of understanding the gift. That is why, eventually, we will witness homosexuality leading to the complete destruction of God's society. When men no longer are men and women no longer women as God created them. The end of the human race is in sight. How? Through absolute self inflicted destruction. All because of pride, arrogance and refusal to embrace the loving God's order.

*My wife is a pearl of great price. I don't want to let her get dirty, or get lost and nor will I ever set her aside. Taking care of her is my job as her husband. When women don't let men take care of them, they 'men' don't understand themselves anymore. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Who is God talking to in Genesis 1:26 and Did God create Gender?

Me ~ The pronoun 'us' is used in Genesis 1:26. I thought that God created man in his 'God's' own image. We is this 'us'?

John ~ God is using the plural because God is plural - a trinity.

Me ~ Who is the implied audience in Genesis? Perhaps, he is talking to himself, the anthropomorphism??? 

John ~ Perhaps, God is talking to an audience of spiritual beings. However, we should be careful not to take this too literally. The 'we' is essentially the Godhead - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The audience we suppose is there is one that we cannot be sure about. Yet, I think that by applying anthropomorphic (because we are human)  perspective, we understand better the Godhead.

Me ~ There are many who question if God actually created gender, though He called them male and female when He created man and then woman. Some say that 'gender' as we 'humans' in this world understand it implies that sexuality came after the fall when the man and woman realized that they were naked as in 'sexed'.

John ~ They were created having gender (God made them male and female) but we could rightly assume that the man and woman did not know/think that their sexual nature was not from God. It was rather a given aspect of their human being - one was male and the other female. Was it revealed to them in another way? Yes, we could suppose that when Satan tempted the woman she disobeyed God and then man also partook in that sin. In this moment, their sexuality was seen by them in a different way, almost in an unnatural way and not only were they ashamed but also afraid as they hid from God.

Me ~ Why would gender 'male and female' (God created sexuality) be seen differently after they were deceived by Satan? Why wouldn't they have seen that they were tall or short or hairy or something else to be ashamed of or that they were wondering why they were not birds or reptiles or something else than what God created them to be?

John ~ What is the one thing that atheists don't like about Christianity? They don't like not having sexual freedom. The fall turned sex into something ugly and corrupt. Sex became a gross distortion of what it was intended to be. I think we will understand sex as it was intended only when the Lord returns. Today, sex  is a means of feeding evil obsessive selfish desires rather than glorifying God's creation.  Hence, we have groups declaring that God did not create gender.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rescued from the Kingdom of Darkness

"Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and with high-sounding nonsense that come from the human thinking and the spiritual powers of this world" (the kingdom of darkness). "For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. so you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority" ~ COL 2:8-11.

Rejoice! We have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness. How are we rescued? It is God the Creator that draws You/His Creation to Him. Natural man, that is fallen man left to himself is merely a thing having free will, does not have a 'heart' for God. His natural tendency in this fallen world is to reject his creator as natural 'fallen' man is a thing in and for itself. The Old Testament was God's Will for natural man that was given in the form of law so that natural man could overcome the sin of being a thing in and for itself. However, God saw that the law was too much for him and God sent His Son to overcome that sin.

The New Testament is like the Old Testament ~ the Word of God. What is different is that God came into the world ~ Jesus Christ to lead the way out of 'being for and in oneself'.  He came into the world to draw us to Him the Creator of Heaven and Earth- God the Father and to tell us that The Old Testament/Will of God is no longer necessary for our salvation. The New Testament/Will of God is no longer the law but has been written on our hearts. What remains is free will. We have the free will to make the conscious choice of accepting that truth. If we choose to look in our hearts, we will find Him there and His Will for us. If we choose of our own free will to look, find and  accept this new condition; then, we have been born again.

With this information, we no longer seek/want to indulge in the old natural man who was only for him/herself, seeking to indulge in the flesh in the pleasure of the selfish body. Nor do we seek to justify that sin, or seek to have other people applaud that sin with new law to cover it up. We do not desire the flesh, but desire the Holy Spirit. Thus, we would not declare that we love Jesus Christ and He loves us and then purposely with determination: hate, envy, steal, fornicate or engage in any sexual immorality, commit adultery or murder.

You see, "when you accept Christ, you were circumcised, but not by a physical procedure as in the Old Testament. Christ performed a spiritual circumcision, the cutting away of your sinful nature. For you were buried with Christ when You were baptized. And, with him You were raised to new life because You trusted the mighty power of God, who raised Christ from the dead. You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful nature was not yet cut away. Then God made you alive with Christ, for He forgave all our sins. He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away nailing it to the cross" ~ COL 2:11-14.

"You have died with Christ, and He has set you free from this world. So, why do You keep on following the rules of this world? "Don't handle! Don't taste! Don't touch!?" (the teachings and law of the Old Testament).
Such were the rules/laws that were mere human teachings (God ordered for and because of natural man's fleshly indulgence) about things that deteriorate as we use them.They were many such teachings (laws) and yet not near enough to deliver natural man from him/herself as they provide no help in conquering a person's evil desires ~ COL 2:20-23.

That is why we give Thanks and Praise to God..."For He has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His Dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins ~ COL 1:13. "And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow Him. Let your roots grow down into Him and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will Grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness" ~ COL 2:6.

God's wrath then is His bringing in the Harvest!

Monday, October 5, 2015

God's Wrath Against Sinful Humanity

Me ~ Many people, Christians included, run away from talking about sin. They think that their sin doesn't stink or that they aren't sinners and they have all kinds of arguments to support/prove it. They and post modern Christians don't like the idea of God being angry with them. But, as I understand God's Word, Christians will face God's wrath, His wrath against sinful humanity. What's your view on this?

John ~ The first problem is that post modern Christians judge themselves against other people rather than against God's standards. Man's standards fluctuate with culture and time. While God's standards never change or alter. So, in Scripture God makes it clear that He has a specific way of dealing with sinful humanity. Romans 1: 18- 32 delineates that. It talks about God's wrath revealed against those who suppress truth. What truth is that? The existence and nature of the divine God.

Me ~ I understand and accept that. However, many people, including Christians, think that their truth is all that matters. God's truth is personal... he works with every individual on their own truth. What do you think?

John ~ That's a human invention. The idea that everyone has their own truth is absurd. If everyone had their own truth, we would not need laws, we could then all be the law unto ourselves. There is not an infinite number of truths. We instinctively know that there is not an infinite number of truths by creating laws that society has to follow. The instinct to do that is God - planted, called our conscience; unless we burn away our conscience by constantly ignoring it. This tells us that there is a standard of right and wrong outside of ourselves. So, what man has done to avoid dealing with his conscience is to suppress the truth of God's existence and nature which Scripture says was known since the creation of the world ...clearly seen and understood; therefore, everyone is without excuse.

Me ~ What is the biggest problem in terms of our salvation? What can we expect in terms of God's wrath?

John ~ The biggest problem is due to man thinking he knows more than God. The Bible, God's word, spells out exactly what He will allow to happen to a society which suppresses His reality and nature. Number one, God gives them over to the sinful desires of their sexual impurity, the degrading of their bodies with one another. This starts out as heterosexual infidelity and society's acceptance of fornication. Number two, once this happens, God gives them over to shameful lusts, described as homosexual relations. Just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge in truth, He gives them over to a depraved mind so that they desire to do what they should not do ~Romans 1 verse 31. This is the kind of people they become: envious, murderous, filled with strife, deceit and malice. They will enjoy gossip and slandering others, they will hate God, they will become insolent and arrogant and boastful. They will invent ways of doing evil. Children will be encouraged to disobey their parents. These people will have no sense of fidelity,  love or mercy. In Romans 1 verse 32, although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death they not only continue to do these things, but actually approve of those who do them.

Me ~ Don't you think that people avoid wrath because it seems to them too harsh and not about love? Also, Christians will tell you that they have been saved and avoid wrath simply by being baptized. They say that the New Testament is only about love and forgiveness and there is no wrath coming.

John ~ To say that is to ignore God's Word. The wages of sin is death. Yes, baptism is an affirmation of one's spiritual rebirth. Like the communion supper, it is a physical representation of something spiritual. However, water has no saving power, neither does wine or bread. It is the faith declaration involved when performing these acts that is the important aspect regarding salvation.  Baptism and communion should be done when a person is/becomes aware of this, infant baptism is pointless. Being saved is different from being baptized. Yes, you can christen your child and dedicate them to God but that is far from being a disciple of Jesus. Being saved is making a conscious repentance before God for your sin and asking for His Mercy and accepting His Son as your Lord and Savior.

Me ~ That's real love, and its eternal!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why do bad things happen ~ Evil in the World!

Me ~ We can hear a certain question every day. "So, why do bad things happen" or what some ask, "why does God let bad things happen?"

John ~ God does not let them happen. But, because of original sin, God knows that bad things will happen and yet He can turn them around for good...for His good which is for all our good. This, we may not, from the perspective of this world, understand. What we know is that God suffered far more than anyone has or will ever have. Jesus Christ came into this world to show us that the only escape of this fallen world with all its sin is death. God gave us free will, and He acknowledges our choice and He allows us to experience the outcome of our choices, trouble and suffering is part of that.

Effectively, we are blessed even when bad things happen. How? When we give ourselves to Him, trusting in Him that good will ultimately reign when the bad things happen, then we are blessed. Trusting in Him to turn things around for His glory which is ultimately ours. We know this to be true as His Word promises.

Me ~ Now, someone can say, "Well,  my brother never chose cancer or my son never chose to be killed in a car accident."

John ~ Our remote ancestors Adam and Ever made a decision that affected every person born since then as well as nature itself. We put a curse on ourselves and the world because we choose to disobey God, the curse is 'corruption' which means that the world is now operating in a way that it was never intended to.

Cancer is a result of this world because our body is not able to function in the perfect way that it was intended to. An accident is also the result of our being in an imperfect corrupted world.

Me ~ Did  Jesus's coming really change that circumstance as in create an 'out'...?

John ~ Yes, by accepting Jesus' as the new Adam a new kind of man as in 'reborn' (God in the flesh - born to die and be resurrected) we are able (being born again -baptized) to be changed on the inside with the expectation of the outside being changed soon along with the restoration of the earth and nature as it was before the fall of man.

This world is a fallen world. Jesus reminded us that though we are in it, we are not of it- John 15:18. In Him, we overcome this world, through death of this world and resurrection in Christ.

Me ~ What about prayer, don't some people pray and actually experience miracles?

John ~ Yes, that can happen. We can call on the Holy Spirit to help us overcome this world and ask if that is God's will that a person remain with us, he/she will be healed; because, by God the Holy Spirit's intervention His Will / His Glory will be revealed and recognized. And, sometimes, God shows another way to overcome this world and that is through death which is also His good as such it also reveals His Will/Glory arriving at the same result... which is "...he who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life."

"For anyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world... anyone who believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his heart.  And, this is the testimony - God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life."  1 John 5

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

God and Social Justice

Me ~ There is a lot of discussion today about social justice. If I am correct in reading the news, the Pope is encouraging this discussion. What do you say about God and social justice?

John ~ There is a heresy that has crept into the Church that God/Jesus was concerned about Social Justice. God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was concerned with every individuals' salvation. Yes, He addressed many poor as they reached out to Him eager to listen. That did not mean Jesus did not reach out to the wealthy, he did; and, even had dinner at their house. Christ was about the salvation of every man - rich and poor. He was not about 'group' justice. This is what we are being subjected to today.

Me ~ What do you mean 'group' justice?

John ~ Jesus was concerned first and foremost with individual righteousness and the Kingdom of God. Our so called social justice is concerned with group identity and political manipulation of groups in the name of "justice". So, what is happening is that certain groups are being politically favored in order that the controlling group who really rule over and above every man are given the right to take property and wealth from particular groups under them and redistribute their wealth by 'their' made man law which seems 'righteous' but what it really does is allow the controlling group to keep their wealth by making others (not in their circle group) pay what they (control group) deem to be their fair share.

The Lord God has always been concerned with the heart of individuals and as we read His Word, we come to know that He never conducted group healing or group therapies or group talk shows (orchestrated by Him) proposing a certain agenda. Yes, many poor gathered around Him and He talked to them but not as if they were a kind of group that needed special attention. He said himself, "the poor you will always have" Matthew 26:11. And thus, He demanded from every individual to those less fortunate. He was concerned about the purity of the individual heart and the calling of the elect into God's Kingdom - His social justice.

Jesus never called upon the slaves or poor to rise up and demand political redress by violence of fiat. This notion was devised by atheists who do not believe that the human heart can be saved and therefore choose to make laws to make people behave by threat of violence to them. Hardly the same message that the Lord and Savior Christ Jesus preached.

"If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing."
 1 COR 13:3

Looking at that scripture from Corinthians, we can ask "What does that mean?" It means that no matter what you are rich or poor, if you have not love in your heart you gain nothing. A poor man can be as unloving and hateful as any rich man. We assume today that the rich are hateful and that the poor are loving and kind =  the 'good' people. This is not true but a slogan of propaganda used by the control group. This was the agenda the control group used against society in Jesus's time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

God's Promise for Eternal life is not the Promise for Happiness in this life

Me ~ So many people today are confused. They think that God's Promise for eternal life means the pursuit of and guarantee of happiness in this life. The question I hear..."God wants us to be happy, right?"

John ~ Nowhere in scripture does God promise happiness in our life. Yes, some people like to point Ecclesiastes 3:12 where Solomon pretty much states that men in this life should pursue happiness. However, Solomon lived in the Old Testament times without the Holy Spirit to guide him. Yes, he believed in the God of Abraham and God in fact gave wisdom to Solomon but that soon was corrupted by the numerous wives of Solomon who worshiped pagan deities. God warned Solomon, but Solomon left his wisdom behind.

Me ~ Ok, what about being happy? Aren't people supposed to be happy, maybe that is what Solomon wanted... to be happy?

John ~ We all want to be happy because it makes us feel good. But happiness is based on fickle conditions, like how our body feels, how people treat us today and yesterday and how we think they will tomorrow, the weather, etc. Living in a fallen world, we can never achieve perfect happiness because it is not possible. To pursue it, is foolishness and leads to depravity and a reprobate mind. Jesus came to give us joy and peace. His Joy, His Peace... which are spiritual not based on the flesh.

Me ~ Why is perfect happiness not possible?

John ~ We live in a fallen world!

Me ~ Well, what can people expect?

John ~ We can expect to have good days and bad days, to be happy and sad depending on our circumstances.  God never promised us 'happiness' in this life in this world because it is impossible. However, with the peace and joy of God in our lives, we no longer experience what we think of as the loss of happiness brought about by anxiety and  fear. By having God in our lives, we do not seek after depraved and dangerous activities; like: the use of recreational drugs or engaging in sexual promiscuity or even the drive to acquire wealth, prestige and property for example, to recover feelings of lost happiness. Having His Holy Spirit within us helps us; and, guides our life in this world with its ups and downs which without His Holy Spirit would cause us to lose all happiness and any peace and joy. Because we know that God is always with us and loves us, our peace and joy will never be lost ~ that's His happiness for us and that's forever!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Living Under The Law

Me ~ Paul said in Romans "that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law... and that it was not through law that Abraham and his offspring received the promise that he would be heir of the world, but through the righteousness that comes by faith. For if those who live by law are heirs, faith has no value and the promise is worthless, because law brings wrath... the law was added so that the trespass might increase; but, where sin increased grace increased all the more, so that just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

The law and laws are what make civilized people and free. I think most people would agree with that. Perhaps, it is for this reason that the law is what we in this fallen world have been subjected to in order that we overcome this fallen world.

John ~ Well, the law increases where sin increases. This is a fallen world and sin is ever increasing; the world of nature and science reveal the state of decay - corruption. Because sin is so onerous God introduced grace knowing that man could not save himself in this state of decay. If sin remained unchecked without the presence of God's spirit in this world it would destroy the entire world.

Me ~ But, isn't total destruction revealed in Revelations?

John ~ Jesus said that if he did not return to stop the march of sin, everything would be destroyed. He is going to intervene in time to stop it.  This is a future event.

Me ~ I understand. Let's go back to the law. Jesus through Paul and in His own teachings showed us that the law is more than we can accomplish on our own. Right?

John ~ Correct, the law is impossible for fallen man to obey. The law does not restrain evil. God's spirit does. God's law was very comprehensive covering every conceivable behavior that people could commit. He had prescriptions on how to deal with it. It was so detailed that it was burdensome, in fact impossible for anyone to fully obey. Which is why God introduced the blood sacrifices for the atonement of sin for the breaking of the law. He sent His only Son to atone for sin for those who would accept it.

Me ~ Why does man then continue to make laws which he thinks will make this world a better place?

John ~ Because, laws do temporarily restrain sin but do not eliminate sin. Hence, laws are strengthen and created; however this has the unfortunate affect of eliminating personal freedom. God's solution goes directly to the heart of the matter by changing the hearts of people; so that they no longer desire to do wrong.  Thus, preserving individual liberty and increasing it.

Me ~ Amen!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What Does Toleration and Being Tolerant Mean to the Christian?

Me ~ Opponents of Christianity make the claim that toleration and being tolerant are not part of the Christian world view. Why is that?

John ~ First, we have to define what tolerance is. It is putting up with things such as  ideas or views that people have which are relativistic and arbitrarily arrived at. The tolerance we as Christians should have is that we can only put up with so much ungodly behavior based on what God expects, using His standard of measure. In saying that, we as Christians are not out to condemn people and throw them into the lions den; rather we call out the sin and try to guide the sinner back onto a path toward salvation.

Opponents of Christianity want us to judge using their standard which is always in flux, whatever the culture feels like at the time, this is their basis. For example, we cannot criticize homosexuals today but we can criticize Christians for being Christians.  If opponents of Christianity claim that Christians are intolerant of what God says is evil, then they are correct. What opponents are actually saying is that Christians are intolerant of what they say is evil, not God. 

They are saying that Christians are hypocrites because they claim to be tolerant yet call out sin. Christians are not hypocrites in this respect. Because, they are tolerant to a certain point. That means when they can no longer put up with the sin that they recognize based on God's standards not their own they have a right to call out the sin in order to save the individual from further damnation.

Christ himself told his people to judge with a righteous judgement and to discern good from evil. If we as Christians fail to do that, then we as Christians are not being the salt in light in the world that they are called to be. It means that we as Christians are looking the other way instead of being salt and light. Salt burns the darkness and sin away... light exposes the truth!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God's Genetic Programming

Me ~ There is a new agenda on the horizon, genetic enhancement. The argument is that such manipulation of genes is evolutionary for man. What do you think?

John ~ First of all, the idea of intentional evolution is an oxymoron. Darwinist evolution is a mindless process that takes place over eons of time without purpose or direction. Gene manipulation in the laboratory is not evolution in fact it is creation which is the very thing that scientists deny happens in nature. So, if we are going to manipulate our own genes, this is creation and we are playing God.

Secondly, the whole idea that life is getting better through Darwinist evolution is in contradiction to the second law of thermo-dynamics. I point this because, evolution requires energy. In a state of entropy any kind of change for the 'better' (and what would that be?) would not be necessary. Better actually would be conservation of energy and thus less evolution; it would be better in fact to be a single cell that stores energy.

Me ~ I know that we are in a state of entropy because this is a fallen world. However, when you look at the world, you see incredible complexity which definitely has the Creator's mark on it. God seems to have a plan... are we evolving in God's program? Some say yes as we select our mates. In fact, this is part of the argument being used to do genetic enhancement. What do you think?

John ~The idea that we must improve ourselves physically is not scriptural. In fact, the flesh is called the enemy of the spirit. Because the spirit is the true nature of man in the image of God. And, as scripture says over and over everything physical will be destroyed by fire included fools who think that they can live forever by becoming machines. The entropy in the universe was put there by the creator so that evil would not continue forever. It has an expiration date. And the entropy in the universe prevents corruption from spreading to far before succumbing to this natural decay.

Me ~ I agree, but what about man's (including woman) choosing a mate. Don't we make choices based on physical appearance? 

John ~ Yes we do. All based in the five senses which are of the flesh and are corrupt and not an accurate means of choosing a mate. But, certainly it is the means used by fallen man which is why it is not working so well. We should be choosing someone that God selects for us. I mean we should be making a choice based on God's selection for us, God brings you together. If you seek the Lord, you will know the 'right' person when you meet them.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What Consequences Can We Expect?

Me ~ Not so many posts ago, we blogged about marriage between a man and a woman. As of this past week, the US Supreme Court recognized 'gay' marriage. There is no need to go on about marriage between a man and a woman in this post because if anyone wants to know what we blogged they can go back and read it. Now, I just want to ask, what consequences can be expected from this decision?

JohnLegally, the supreme court has decided that laws no longer have meaning which means that laws are arbitrary and we no longer live under the rule of law which was established about 400 years ago. This essentially is where the Roman Empire was just before its collapsed as the emperors became arbitrary and tyrannical. What this means for the individual as the group is that we cannot trust the written laws to mean what they say.  

Socially, this means that the fundamental construct of human society is now loosely associate in fact by bare threads. What once was stable society held together by a strong fabric of God fearing people has been changed by costumed individuals playing God.  If the family wasn't already on death's door, it is certainly in the coffin now. What does this mean for the future? It means chaos and anarchy for social reality.

Religiously, it means that the state now will work very hard to shut down any religion that contradicts the dictates of the state. Which is essentially is where we were 200 years ago. So, we have gone from tyranny to liberty to corruption back to tyranny.

Ultimately, we have moved from a nation that trusted God to a nation that leans on its own whims. The covenant we made founding this country has been broken and now we will pay the price for our folly. It will be the most devastating, destructive and terrifying upheaval since the fall of the Roman Empire in Europe.

What will come out on the other end side of this is any one's guess, it may not be the country we once lived in nor be a country at all.  God is going to the only thing He can do once a society codifies sodomy into law and that is wipe it out.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gender and the Bible

Me ~ Could transgendered people proclaim that their agenda is supported by scripture... as a way of overcoming the flesh?

John ~ They could claim it but what they are forgetting is that God's creation is very good. He created two genders which is repeated often in the Bible; there are mentioned only two genders that He the creator intended for humanity.

I would like to add that it seems to me that what is actually going on is an indulgence in the flesh. It is not just skin bones but the flesh includes the soul and mind. We have people who are poorly socialized or have genetic defects and are mentally ill. These are fleshy problems, not spiritual problems. So, by allowing their flesh to lead them, they are making changes that God never intended. When they stand before the creator, they will stand as the gender that He created them as either male or female, not regarding their feelings. Corruption enters us at birth, even before birth given that children in the womb as they develop are being socialized by godly or ungodly parents.

Me ~ Would you apply the same reasoning to homosexual and bi-sexual individuals?

John ~  Absolutely, because we are dealing with people led by the flesh rather than people led by the spirit.

Me ~ What about transhumanism as a means of overcoming the flesh, is that indulging in the flesh or is it trying to escape it?

John ~ Once again, the flesh is anything not of the spirit. When we indulge in anything that is not the spirit, it is of the flesh. So transhumanism is indulging in the flesh. Transhumanism main goal is immortality in the flesh rather than allowing God to do what He said He will do which will be to provide us with glorified bodies; which will lead us from death to life. Transhumanists mistakenly promote the idea that man can achieve eternal life. Mechanical things break down just as much as biological. the universe is in a state of entropy and everything is breaking down. This is because since the fall, the world as we know which includes our perception of the cosmos and even our experience of it is in a state of entropy.

Me ~ What should people be doing given their propensity for indulging in the flesh and their likely view that if this is a state of entropy then why not indulge in the flesh?

John ~ Indulging in something in that is always decaying is the height of foolishness. The Bible says that everything is going to be destroyed with fire when God returns to create the new heaven and new earth. That means that all humans and everything that the flesh can come up with with be destroyed. The better choice would be to indulge in the spirit which is eternal order to be saved before that event.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

End Times ~ Where When and Who Part I

Me ~ Are we living in end times?

John ~ Indeed. The end times are the period in history where God is raping up his plan for this current age of man. which fits into His eternal plan. Technically speaking, the end times began with Christ's resurrection and return to heaven. However, we can also use that term to describe the years preceding His return. Within those preceding years is a seven year period called the great tribulation. In this period of time the bride of Christ is purified and brought to heaven while the world undergoes judgement through the works of Lucifer and the Fallen ones with incredible natural catastrophes which culminates in the second coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon.

Me ~ Concerning then 'end times' where, when and who are we talking about?  Maybe we should start from who?

John ~  The end times involves the human race. Though specific individuals are mentioned during this great tribulation period. The main character is the Dragon or Satan also known as Lucifer knows as the fallen cherub. He is the one who has been hurled to earth and is trying to hang onto what is left of his kingdom. Preparing the world to repel the invasion of Christ at Armageddon. The second most important character is the beast known as the anti-Christ. He is an individual who becomes the world ruler at this time. And, is possessed by an evil spirit sent by Lucifer. The second character is the false prophet who is a false Messiah and causes the entire world to worship the beast.The final character is the Lord Jesus Christ who returns to establish his rule on the earth and recreate the Garden of Eden and imprison Lucifer and his fallen ones for a thousand years until judgment.

Me ~ OK, but what the discussion about that where they come from suggests who... The Bible says that the false prophet will come out of the earth and he looks like a lamb with horns and the anti-Christ comes out of the sea which likely means the area of the Mediterranean.

John ~ The anti-Christ is an Assyrian. That is Biblical. Also, he is of the people that destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. which was a Syrian legion of the Roman army. Also, he will be a man of fierce countenance and will conquer by peace and war. He honors a god of force and is not interested in the desire of women and will claim to be god and demand to be worshiped as such in his short career. He will take over the temple in Jerusalem and kill the Jews and fight a battle against Jesus - Armageddon.

Me ~ We have talked before about the Rapture. Where in this spectrum of end times is that?

John ~ The word rapture is  not used in the Bible. It is a permutation of the Greek word -parousia which means the coming. This word refers of Jesus Christ's coming. Appearing the air when he comes to remove the church prior to the judgment of mankind. Paul referred to this as the Blessed Hope. It occurs somewhere either just prior to the tribulation and or up to the mid point which is about three and half years into it.

Me ~ Do we know when that is?

John ~ We will know when we see the sing of the Son of man in the sky. It maybe be the sign of a cross or His actual visage. We do know that when the sun goes dark and the moon turns to blood and what looks like the stars falling to earth, (I strongly believe a super volcano or cometary impact on the earth) we will know His coming is imminent. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Interstellar ~ What was it about?


*Readers note - this is quite lengthy so take the time to read it, perhaps over two days...

Me ~ The critics say that this science fiction movie is an wrapping of basic spiritual/emotional human desires (for home, for family, for continuity of bloodline and culture), as well as a horror film of sorts—one that treats the star voyagers’ and their earthbound loved ones’ separation as spectacular metaphors for what happens when the people we value are taken from us by death, illness, or by unbridgeable distances.

I thought that this film "Interstellar" was somehow attempting to understand what the universe really means for man as in his role in it being part of a greater cosmic experience; especially in that the main characters seek to discover an alternative place to live given the planet's 'earth' supposed destruction is inevitable. The storyline gives us a futuristic dystopian society, not drastic but evidently very different. We thus get a sense that there is a desire to get answers that would solve a serious problem and lead to a better life. While, we can appreciate that, we are not sure that the people are entirely committed to the idea of finding a better place or life outside of life on earth. I would even go as far as to say that the actors and director did not seem to be committed to the original storyline. For instance, in the beginning of the film, we are led to think that there's a ghost in this film, writing out messages to the living trapped in reoccurring dust storms. Other characters (scientists) strain to interpret distant radio messages as if they were ancient texts written in a dead language, and stare through red-rimmed eyes at video messages sent years ago, by people on the other side of the cosmos. 

What do you think the film was trying to achieve, was it a search for the creator?

John ~ I think the film was trying to touch on the same ground as the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. It was more than an allegory and leaning on science. Except for the dawn of man, all other elements were there, a Stargate, artificial intelligence, you have a new home for mankind and you have the individual going there and coming back who has acquired a greater sense of reality than when he left and imparts this experience on all mankind for his benefit.

Me ~ Why are we interested in making and watching such films?

John ~ It is all basically trying to identity our location and place in creation. Are we more than just animated dust? Do we have a deeper connection to the cosmos? Do we have a destiny in the larger universe? What is the nature of time and space? Are they 'things' that can be manipulated by intelligence. Because, in this film, they were. All these questions, are asked by all religions, faiths, and each one has its own answer. Nowhere in the film was there a higher intelligence than man. What they thought were aliens were us, which puts man in the god seat. This means that the movie comes from a secular humanistic point of view.

Me ~ Why does man want to be God?

John ~ Because of Christian man's ego. Some cultures do not question nature, they simply accept it. The Chinese made a lot of discoveries but never applied them because what they discovered did not seem necessary, just a curiosity. For example, a primitive society would see a light bulb, but they would not know what to do with it or want to do something with it because it would not fit with their symbiotic life with 'nature'; thus, it would just be a curiosity. Now, the Chinese would today know what to do with it, but given that they discovered gun powder many years ago they did not do anything with it... it was a curiosity.

Whereas Europeans went the distance with it. Why? Because, the idea of questioning and investigating nature is a purely Christian/European phenomenon. Which has now spread all over the world, because the Europeans spread out. Science was/is their method by which they question and investigate and imagine what is beyond what they see. This kind of thinking and investigating has now become accepted and applied by the world but again, in many cultures this kind of thinking, imagining was not original to them. 

Me ~ Does this make Christianity exceptional, and in what way?

John ~ Yes, it means that 'Christian' man takes a dominate position over nature rather than a submissive role as we find in Pagan beliefs. Right from the beginning, (Genesis) man was given dominion over all of nature, while he lives with it, he is master of it. God gave him the ability to name the animals. This was the means and authority of assigning them their nature. Pagan, animistic and pantheistic beliefs place man equal to or subservient to the natural world.  If one is subservient to nature, one does not question it nor bother to understand it.... it simply is. Which means that modern science is a direct consequence of the Judeo-Christian world view. If it were not for that world view, appearing in Europe, we would not be living in the world of technology that we live in today.

Naming was important, as in naming as an action, giving commands. In computer programming naming is important. God created man, and man was commanded. Man did the same, he established the nature of things by naming, which shows authority and not submission... we are co programmers of the world ~ what we were meant to be.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seed ~ And the End Times

Me ~ In Genesis, we can read that God put enmity between the serpent and the woman and between the serpent's 'seed' as in offspring and hers; he (Eve's seed) will crush your (serpent's) head, and you (serpent) will strike his (Eve's seed) heel - Genesis 3:15.
How should we understand the importance of the 'seed'?

John ~ The entire battle between good and evil in our universe is going to be settled between 'seed' offspring of God/man and Satan/man.

Me ~ Are you saying then that Satan produced offspring?

John ~ Yes.

Me ~ With women on earth?

John ~ Through those that he had authority over. In Genesis chapter 6 describes the entire event which ultimately leads to the great flood which cleanses the planet from the seed of Satan.

Me ~ If the flood cleansed the planet, then what should be concerned about now?

John ~ The war is not over. Satan lost that battle, but Moses wrote that this seed reappeared after the flood. It was chased out and killed off of the Canaan region by the Hebrews which God commanded them to do so.We see all over the world including in North and South America, that this seed was active there as well. The book of Revelation talks about that seed reappearing again just as it did in the days of Noah. It will be the seed that wars against Jesus at His return.

Me ~  What does it mean then that the serpent will strike at Eve's seed's 'offspring' heel?

John ~ It means that Satan is going to harm Eve's seed but not destroy it. Eve's seed was Jesus and those that He makes like himself through the Spirit... being translated into his likeness.

Me ~ Is the serpent 'Satan' a real snake?

John ~ He is not a snake, he is a serpent. A serpent means reptile. God made him and called him a serpent. It was not intended to be allegory.

Me ~ Do you think there is too much allegory in the Bible?

John ~ No, there are too many people that think there is allegory in the Bible. People should take the Bible at face value even if it defies a narrow minded ability to grasp it. It only means your ability to grasp it is lacking. You don't have any experience to understand it as fact. We don't see people walking on water, or the Red Sea opening up or people being raised from the dead (though there are such cases), but that does not mean such events did not happen. I have no reason to call God a liar.

Me ~ People say that men wrote the Bible and that they used story telling techniques to convey their agenda.

John ~ They are wrong. The Bible is the Word of God, it proves itself. It is not someone's imagination or someone coming up with silly stories. This is why they don't get the importance of the 'seed' and Armageddon. Let me expound on the Bible being the Word of God. It is because nowhere in the Bible does it put 'man' first. God is put first and foremost. He is recognized repeatedly as the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen. Revelations is Jesus describing His second Coming.

We also have to understand that there is a physical 'gene' element that has to be given attention when we talk about 'seed'. This is who we know what it meant that Noah was perfect in his generation. He was genetically pure. As in the times of Noah, we will see the flesh (physically/ genetically) become corrupted again. 

Me ~ Isn't the flesh corrupted already since this is a fallen 'corrupt' world?

John ~ In God's eyes, yes. But, man is growing up as in increasing that corruption rather than fighting and or struggling to reduce/eliminate it. Let me clarify, there was the spiritual fall which corrupted our physical (the sin of death is the result of that corruption) flesh. Because of that, there is now a growing as in increasing corruption of the flesh; made easier without its 'holy' spirit taken by Satan through deception.

Man whose spirit was corrupted by Satan is now doing Satan's work so to speak. Man is changing and mixing kinds in order to create new kinds life that were never meant to exist... by mixing genes, the code for life. In other words, Satan through man is trying to create life in his image violating God's order for life on earth. Essentially, we are witnessing Satan's seed devouring God's. Like a virus devouring the original hard drive program.

Now, God sent His Son as a kind of patch (first to save God's program for those who recognize and accept it) to 'attack' the serpents seed and the final blow is yet to come.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marriage ~ Between a Man and a Woman

Me ~ As you know, today the Supreme Court discussed whether or not the Federal Government has the right to institutionalize gay marriage at the Federal level. In other words...The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether states have the right to determine their own definition of marriage, or whether the Constitution requires all 50 states to make same sex marriage legal.

How will this effect Christians and their view of marriage?

John ~ Christians will still view marriage as they always have. Which is that marriage is a divine institution between one woman and one man.

Me ~ What makes that so important? Why is that God's design?

John ~ Because that is they way God wanted it. He designed the universe and nature in that. It reflects a spiritual truth which is an essence a mirror with how God has a relationship in the Trinity and how Jesus has a relationship with His Church. Remember, we are talking about God as three personalities in the same being, not three distinct individuals. So, if you were going to ask me about polygamy; I answer - no.  I am not talking about three individuals being married. I am only talking about relationship. To be clearer yet, I am talking about a kind of trinity of marriage as being in man-husband, woman-wife and God. And, Christ's relationship with us is a stronger case or illustration for that.

Me ~ You said that Christians view of marriage will not change regardless of the decision. However, we see many protesters saying that this is not good for Christians in our society. What do you say to that?

John ~ My point of view as a Christian won't change. if this goes through, it will change our life, our society, our country.The biggest problem being with children. Firstly, the idea that the Federal Government will tell us that what was good for thousands of years is now different because of a few goes against democracy. As for our children, they will have to be told in public education that their parents are wrong if their parents hold a contrary view. The states will no longer have any power to have separate individual rulings, which was the foundation of our country. So, this entire agenda violates our Constitution.

Me ~ Do you think that homosexual couples have had any rights denied them of any kind?

John ~ Yes, the only right that they have been denied is the right to have a religious marriage. And, certainly none pertaining to their Constitutional rights. There has never been a nationwide persecution of same sex couples. What they ask for is confirmation of their behavior. Such people have engaged in such life styles for ages and they have lived among us. But now they are asking for enforced legal affirmation of sin. They want to use the law to make you say that you agree with their life style which is the second biggest problem for Christians and for this country as a union of states that came together under the idea of liberty and justice for all.  Now, justice is for the few.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Sinful Mind is Failure to Embrace the Kingdom of God

Me ~ In my social quantum analysis blog, I told readers that creationists know that the kingdom is an eternal kingdom, because all information as in every word of it comes from the mouth of God the Creator of all things seen and unseen. You may argue that men speak words and men wrote the Bible. Does that mean that men create themselves and through their words evolve to be God through use of 'words'? Yes and No. Yes, because this is what the Creator programmed us to do become like Him. We can accept that or not. It is our choice to accept the Kingdom within us. The commands programed in us 'command' each program to be like the Creator in order to be saved. No - because we are not God, we are created by God. No one is greater than the Creator, not even the creation.We can assume that by not accepting the commands, the program cannot be saved. Because, indulging in your sinful nature, which is the indulgence in what the mind projects alone as a glorification of the self and not the Creator, only leads to death. I based this on ~ Romans 8

I know you had a comment about what I wrote and today I would like you to elaborate on it. Exactly, what is Romans 8 telling us... what is the sinful mind. 

John ~ Those that don't have the spirit in them, the Holy Spirit = God, will not have a renewed mind. So, even creationists who are not born again, born of the spirit will be not be saved. The sinful nature is the mind without the spirit of God. The spirit is what you makes God like.... to imagine what God imagines. We have to renew our minds. To go from a non spirit mind, to a spirit mind. To think of things that are in the mind of God, not in our own  minds for our own pleasure and or gratification of the self.

For instance, scientists boast that they discovered something new about the universe... other scientists support them and so they are in agreement and they celebrate their collective minds in agreement of what is out there as seen by their minds which somehow makes them special. It is important to practice hearing God so that you do not fall into your own understanding of what you 'think' is out there.

You mentioned that our minds project God's imagination as to what is out there. I agree, but credit to what we see should be in fact must be given to God. It is because of Him that we see anything out there... not because of our own mind. And that is why I agree with you in that we have yet to embrace God's imagination = God's Spirit and we fail to truly see what is out there because we fail to embrace what is in us which is the Kingdom of God.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ

Me ~ Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. "(John 11:25-26)

What is the importance of this for Christians?

John ~  Its everything. It is the whole point for Jesus to come to earth. To take the sin of the world away. It is why we are called Christians. Without the resurrection, there is no life.

Me ~ Most Christians know that Jesus resurrected on the third day which was foretold as we can read in the Old Testament and even Jesus himself told of his resurrection 'on the third day' numerous times and even the night before He was crucified. He did resurrect on the third day which was relevant for His ministry to the Jewish people. And, he did.

However, He did not ascend into heaven until forty days after his resurrection, Jesus called his 11 apostles (Judas committed suicide) together on the Mount of Olives, outside Jerusalem. Still not completely understanding that Christ's messianic mission had been spiritual and not political, the disciples asked Jesus if he was going to restore the kingdom to Israel. They were frustrated with Roman oppression and may have envisioned an overthrow of Rome.

Jesus answered them. It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:7-8,  NIV)

Then Jesus was taken up, and a cloud hid him from their sight. As the disciples were watching him ascend, two angels dressed in white robes stood beside them and asked them why they were looking into the sky. The angels said to the disciples - "This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven." (Acts 1:11, NIV)

What was the importance of this?

John ~  During these forty days, Jesus was showing people that he was still alive. Jesus wanted the disciples to see that He was going to an actual physical place. Since, He was able to do that, He would be able to return. He actually went somewhere. Again, Jesus did this so that they disciples would know that he would return.

Me ~ Do you think that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near?

John ~ Yes, I do. Jesus told the disciples to watch for the signs and seasons in order to know His second coming. He admonished the religious leaders of Israel for being able to tell what season of the year and the weather ... why could they not do the same for the signs and seasons that God told them about?

Me ~ Why has it taken so long? I mean didn't the disciples expect Jesus to return in their lifetime and here we are today, still waiting.

John ~ Jesus never said how long he was going to be gone. He never said how long the last days would be... they could have been 2,000 plus years. In the old Testament, to God a thousand years is a day and a day is a thousand years. While this could have been figurative, ti would still have the same meaning whether literal or figurative since time is different God in comparison to us... in heaven's time, it could only have been couple of days.

We cannot measure God's time in our puny life spans. When you set the age of the earth next to eternity, it pales and disappears. However, He did give us certain signs and season to watch for to know that His coming was close, even at the door... about to knock. One of these signs was the reestablishment of the nation of Israel.

After a long period of being gone from the land. In fact, this is the central sign and season that everything else is measured by. In 1948, Israel became a nation after 2,000 years. Which means that the prophetic clock is closer to midnight than it was before 1948,

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Freedom in Christ

Me ~ Many people today think that Christianity is about submission and it requires a person to be enslaved to an unknown entity that only wants to be glorified. However, that is far from the truth.  How would you answer their question which is really about freedom? What does it means "freedom in Christ"?

John ~ It means connecting your mind to God and that does not mean you are submerging your identity to or in Him, you are linking to an infinite intelligence with infinite ability. I am not sure we can understand that, but it is greater than anything we can imagine. Connecting with God means we free our mind, our soul and spirit by becoming one with Christ who is God. By doing so we open ourselves to infinite possibility, we actually free ourselves to greater potential. More than we could ever have in this world of finite limitations.

God is not a finite person, He is infinite having infinity knowledge, insights, potential, creativity... why would anyone in his/her right mind refuse that.

Me ~ I think that they as in non believers are describing what you describe as being possible here... they think that they just have to discover the means to do get that kind of infinite knowledge here and now.  Perhaps, that is why we can see developing the trans-humanist agenda. Do you agree?

John ~ I think that the trans-humanist agenda is evidence that human beings see themselves as limited in this world. They recognize that there is a greater reality than here and they seek to escape it - the cycle of  futility that we surly see/experience in this world and our lives. Unfortunately, one does not attain infinity through finite means. We have to allow God to plug into us. He made us and individually He knows what is best for us. Why would I settle for anything less than the best for me which only He knows.

Me ~ So, how do we plug in to God or allow God to plug into us?

John ~ Through His Son - Jesus. Asking Jesus to come into us, into our hearts and mind.

Me ~ People are scared. They think that if God were really out there, then we would not die. Maybe that is why they don't allow God to plug in.

John ~ Death is the means by which God keeps evil from over running the world. You have only so many years to be evil. We cannot have eternal life until evil is conquered. Jesus came to bring us life and he is coming again to put an end to evil.  Would you want Hitler's living forever? Death is God's favor to us in the fallen state that we are in.

Me ~ What is the resurrection? Will we be resurrected?

John ~ Everyone will be resurrected. Some will be resurrected to eternal life and some to eternal separation from God.

Me ~ Essentially, then everyone who believes in Jesus is free indeed!

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36 and also what we can read in Galatians 5 - Freedom in Christ ~ "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery".

"Do not put your trust in princes or mortal men who cannot save." Psalm 146:3

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Living in an Anti-Christ World ~ Lucifer's Fall

Me ~ So many people ask me if this world was created by God, then why do bad things happen. I tell them it is because we live in a fallen world. Then they ask what do I mean by that since we are supposed treasure God's creation here and now?

John ~ It is all God's creation, this fallen world does not take away from God. The people He assigned to rule over His creation rebelled against Him. The creation is subjected to futility in sin. Because, when those who were given authority fell the creation also fell and it suffers just as we do. Though it has beauty to it, it is clearly a fallen world and not what God intended it to be. Nature groans waiting for restoration. Nature will be raised up with us and restored; nature and man and the fallen angels are symbiotically interconnected. Nature reflects our spiritual state, it depends on us; you cannot separate the two.When mankind is restored and nature as well as we will be given authority over it again, God's design. However, the fallen angels will be thrown into the lake of fire and those who have chosen to reject Christ.

Me ~ So, are you saying that since the fall we have been living in an anti-Christ World or just a fallen world? and Who was Lucifer? He is 'Satan'?

John ~ We have been living in a fallen world since then and since Jesus died, the spirit of anti-Christ has been growing in this world by our rejecting Christ and slipping into the lullaby murmur of the anti-Christ. Let me say though, we don't know if this cherub 'angel' was actually named 'Lucifer' but the Bible intimates in one verse that this is so. And, therefore, we don't build doctrine on one verse. We do know that this cherub was the greatest creation of God. It was given vast authority over His creation. It was even the leader of worship of God. This cherub 'angel', was incredibly beautiful and powerful. But at some point, this cherub sinned and saw itself as God. And, convinced one third of all other beings of the universe to join him in a rebellion. This rebellion caused the universe to suffer.In fact, it is likely that the earth was left desolate because of this revolt. So, Genius 1 does not describe the creation of the planet earth but its restoration.

In response, God replaced this one and all fallen beings with a new creation called 'mankind' = man. It was this new creation's task to take authority over God's creation 'universe' and to turn His universe into a garden. Unfortunately, mankind joined up this fallen cherub and his minions in rebellion and handed over their authority to the cherub = dark angel. At that moment, the Garden of Eden was removed and mankind had to live in a fallen nature. And, has ever since and still does.

So, this fallen cherub this dark angel often referred to as 'Lucifer' is the god of this world. Jesus even called him that. In fact, this god had the authority to hand over or turn over this world to Jesus if Jesus would worship him. Jesus refused the offer (in the wildness when Jesus was being tested). By refusing that offer, Jesus was able to take away the authority from 'Lucifer' and return that authority to God which was Himself.  However, the world still languishes in a fallen state and so does mankind; yet, those accept spiritual rebirth through Jesus Christ will be raised to an incorruptible state of being one day soon. And nature with them. Then the world will no longer be fallen.

Me ~ Can we call this world today, an anti-Christ world? I mean we see so many people rejecting Jesus as their Savior and God the Father.

John ~ Yes, as I said earlier, since Jesus died there has been a rising spirit of anti-Christ which is the spirit against God. Why? Because, this fallen cherub still clings to the authority he had, and won't relinquish it or have it taken from his hands 'ripped' from his hands until the Battle of Armageddon and along with all the other fallen angels. As we approach that battle, in the last seven years of this current age, this cherub will raise up a counterfeit Christ to steal mankind away from God. Many will be deceived as the anti-Christ spirit will materialize into a specific individual and this individual is to be called the 'Beast' or Anti-Christ. Both terms describe the nature of this individual. The term beast describes its literal inhumanity. And, anti-Christ describes its spiritual state. It is anti-God. Fortunately, this individual rules over the earth for a very short span of years before God returns and restores Himself to leadership and we with Him.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Multi-Dimensioinality of God

Me ~ We talked once before about the multiverse. I want to talk now a little about the multidimensional aspect of God. I know that a lot of Christians and people who are not Christians have a problem with or wonder how Jesus Christ forgave sin once and for all at the cross which means in every multiverse.  For the lay person, can you elaborate on that?

John ~ Imagine drawing a line from one end of paper to another this represents time as we experience it. In order from a to b to c stretching from end to another end in a single direction.a series of moments each moment is a discreet existence of time. Now imagine a being that can exist outside of time and within time imagine that Christ could exist in one single moment eternally. Or experience eternity in one single moment so that each person whoever lived could be atoned. He could suffer the punishment for every person that ever lived... He Christ could experience that moment eternally on the cross for every person that ever lived because of His hyper-dimensional nature.

Me ~ Ok, you mean let's imagine drawing a line from one end of a sheet of paper to another and then crossing that line with another from one end of the paper to the other...making a plus a 'cross'. Therefore, Christ's act of sacrifice would essentially be eternal in that moment of time, suffer the eternal punishment for every person that ever lived in one moment of time due to His hyper-dimensional nature.

John ~ Yes!

Me ~ I love the story in Mark when Jesus fed the 4,000. Many people can't imagine this event as something that could actually happen. Given what you said about Christ being hyper-dimensional, then I suppose it was possible.

John ~ In the TV show Star Trek, it was postulated that man could turn energy into matter. We can already turn matter into energy, what nuclear fission is. If we could reverse the process we could turn any energy into any material that we wanted instantly. Clearly God has that capability. He is the master of energy and matter which are really two sides of the same coin.; both are simply different means of expressing the same program which means  how to take an idea and make it real either as energy or matter. Jesus demonstrated God's ability to this when he fed the four thousand so that we would know that there is nothing that God cannot do.

Me ~ Given that, what is this fallen world we experience, some call it the 'lower' sphere and God is in the higher sphere. Some and let's just call them 'new age' Christians think that this world fell to Satan and he controls it, it is in the process of decay because he "Satan" is Error and caused error to come into the program. What do you say?

John ~  I would say it is a synthesis of those. We know from science that there are at least 11 higher dimensions. some of these could be time dimensions. We also have the potential for a multi-universe reality. Where every possibility exists any God that could create such a reality exists such a higher sphere of existence it is impossible to understand Him but only that which he wants us to understand and makes availability to us. the world we live in s a part of or fragment of reality a lower level of reality just as a two dimensional universe. The existence of entropy or decay in our universe is evident never to be eternal but to erode and disappear. as though God knew that evil would exist and placed it in this kind of universe so that it would never become eternal and be defeated. In much the same way death prevent evil people from living forever and thus causing a great deal less harm than if they would if they lived long lives.
Jesus dimension the higher dimensionality of God at the Transfiguration and at the Resurrection when he appeared in the upper room without entering. As well as his ability to walk on water and to go from one place to another as He did at the Sea of Galilee a couple of times.

Me ~ So now what?

John ~ So now we wait for the Lord to deal with those that have chosen to live in error and have selected darkness as their preferred existence and to resurrect those of us who have followed Him and bring us into the same glorious life He has and to restore the earth and the rest of the universe to its original glory.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Overcoming the Flesh

Me ~ This week I wrote on Godly Woman about overcoming the flesh. I said that marriage was the means for two to become spiritually one through consummation of the flesh. There is a lot of discussion out there about the flesh, not just skin/bodies but the world of material things also stands for flesh. Today, people seem to over indulge in the flesh and thus people are really unable to overcome it. What do you think and is it absolutely necessary for us to overcome the flesh and what for?

John ~ Yes, Jesus said that eternal life belongs to those that are overcomers. This is how we mature as Christians and prepare to meet the Lord for our eternal lives.

Me~ I agree. What do you think about marriage as the means for a married couple to overcome the flesh?

John ~ I agree with Paul when he suggested that some people who do have a strong need for sex they  should marry the opposite gender so that the enemy will not take advantage of them because of the weakness of their flesh and fleshy desire. 

Me ~ Ok, but why marriage at all? I mean couldn't people who have a strong desire for sex just have sex with anyone who is of the opposite sex in that way, they overcome that desire for it and can focus on the spirit.

John ~ That is assuming that sexual activity is merely an activity like eating or breathing. Sexual relationships have a deeper spiritual reality. On one level it represents the relationship that the Trinity has with itself; that the Church has with Christ. On another level it is meant to provide a stable environment to raise children. Providing them with the most effective means of social programming. So, marriage, is not merely a biological need but a spiritual one aimed at satisfying God's will, not ours. We read in the Bible that God created one man and one woman together and that they together should be fruitful. It was not until sin entered the world that we began to see men with multiple wives, prostitution, homosexuality and the deconstruction of the family leading to divorce all of which reflect spiritual decay.

And, as you wrote in your Godly Woman blog, multiple partners is indulging in the flesh not overcoming it, not consuming it with the aim of spiritual awakening