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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Living in an Anti-Christ World ~ Lucifer's Fall

Me ~ So many people ask me if this world was created by God, then why do bad things happen. I tell them it is because we live in a fallen world. Then they ask what do I mean by that since we are supposed treasure God's creation here and now?

John ~ It is all God's creation, this fallen world does not take away from God. The people He assigned to rule over His creation rebelled against Him. The creation is subjected to futility in sin. Because, when those who were given authority fell the creation also fell and it suffers just as we do. Though it has beauty to it, it is clearly a fallen world and not what God intended it to be. Nature groans waiting for restoration. Nature will be raised up with us and restored; nature and man and the fallen angels are symbiotically interconnected. Nature reflects our spiritual state, it depends on us; you cannot separate the two.When mankind is restored and nature as well as we will be given authority over it again, God's design. However, the fallen angels will be thrown into the lake of fire and those who have chosen to reject Christ.

Me ~ So, are you saying that since the fall we have been living in an anti-Christ World or just a fallen world? and Who was Lucifer? He is 'Satan'?

John ~ We have been living in a fallen world since then and since Jesus died, the spirit of anti-Christ has been growing in this world by our rejecting Christ and slipping into the lullaby murmur of the anti-Christ. Let me say though, we don't know if this cherub 'angel' was actually named 'Lucifer' but the Bible intimates in one verse that this is so. And, therefore, we don't build doctrine on one verse. We do know that this cherub was the greatest creation of God. It was given vast authority over His creation. It was even the leader of worship of God. This cherub 'angel', was incredibly beautiful and powerful. But at some point, this cherub sinned and saw itself as God. And, convinced one third of all other beings of the universe to join him in a rebellion. This rebellion caused the universe to suffer.In fact, it is likely that the earth was left desolate because of this revolt. So, Genius 1 does not describe the creation of the planet earth but its restoration.

In response, God replaced this one and all fallen beings with a new creation called 'mankind' = man. It was this new creation's task to take authority over God's creation 'universe' and to turn His universe into a garden. Unfortunately, mankind joined up this fallen cherub and his minions in rebellion and handed over their authority to the cherub = dark angel. At that moment, the Garden of Eden was removed and mankind had to live in a fallen nature. And, has ever since and still does.

So, this fallen cherub this dark angel often referred to as 'Lucifer' is the god of this world. Jesus even called him that. In fact, this god had the authority to hand over or turn over this world to Jesus if Jesus would worship him. Jesus refused the offer (in the wildness when Jesus was being tested). By refusing that offer, Jesus was able to take away the authority from 'Lucifer' and return that authority to God which was Himself.  However, the world still languishes in a fallen state and so does mankind; yet, those accept spiritual rebirth through Jesus Christ will be raised to an incorruptible state of being one day soon. And nature with them. Then the world will no longer be fallen.

Me ~ Can we call this world today, an anti-Christ world? I mean we see so many people rejecting Jesus as their Savior and God the Father.

John ~ Yes, as I said earlier, since Jesus died there has been a rising spirit of anti-Christ which is the spirit against God. Why? Because, this fallen cherub still clings to the authority he had, and won't relinquish it or have it taken from his hands 'ripped' from his hands until the Battle of Armageddon and along with all the other fallen angels. As we approach that battle, in the last seven years of this current age, this cherub will raise up a counterfeit Christ to steal mankind away from God. Many will be deceived as the anti-Christ spirit will materialize into a specific individual and this individual is to be called the 'Beast' or Anti-Christ. Both terms describe the nature of this individual. The term beast describes its literal inhumanity. And, anti-Christ describes its spiritual state. It is anti-God. Fortunately, this individual rules over the earth for a very short span of years before God returns and restores Himself to leadership and we with Him.

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