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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marriage ~ Between a Man and a Woman

Me ~ As you know, today the Supreme Court discussed whether or not the Federal Government has the right to institutionalize gay marriage at the Federal level. In other words...The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether states have the right to determine their own definition of marriage, or whether the Constitution requires all 50 states to make same sex marriage legal.

How will this effect Christians and their view of marriage?

John ~ Christians will still view marriage as they always have. Which is that marriage is a divine institution between one woman and one man.

Me ~ What makes that so important? Why is that God's design?

John ~ Because that is they way God wanted it. He designed the universe and nature in that. It reflects a spiritual truth which is an essence a mirror with how God has a relationship in the Trinity and how Jesus has a relationship with His Church. Remember, we are talking about God as three personalities in the same being, not three distinct individuals. So, if you were going to ask me about polygamy; I answer - no.  I am not talking about three individuals being married. I am only talking about relationship. To be clearer yet, I am talking about a kind of trinity of marriage as being in man-husband, woman-wife and God. And, Christ's relationship with us is a stronger case or illustration for that.

Me ~ You said that Christians view of marriage will not change regardless of the decision. However, we see many protesters saying that this is not good for Christians in our society. What do you say to that?

John ~ My point of view as a Christian won't change. if this goes through, it will change our life, our society, our country.The biggest problem being with children. Firstly, the idea that the Federal Government will tell us that what was good for thousands of years is now different because of a few goes against democracy. As for our children, they will have to be told in public education that their parents are wrong if their parents hold a contrary view. The states will no longer have any power to have separate individual rulings, which was the foundation of our country. So, this entire agenda violates our Constitution.

Me ~ Do you think that homosexual couples have had any rights denied them of any kind?

John ~ Yes, the only right that they have been denied is the right to have a religious marriage. And, certainly none pertaining to their Constitutional rights. There has never been a nationwide persecution of same sex couples. What they ask for is confirmation of their behavior. Such people have engaged in such life styles for ages and they have lived among us. But now they are asking for enforced legal affirmation of sin. They want to use the law to make you say that you agree with their life style which is the second biggest problem for Christians and for this country as a union of states that came together under the idea of liberty and justice for all.  Now, justice is for the few.

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