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The Analyst
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God's Genetic Programming

Me ~ There is a new agenda on the horizon, genetic enhancement. The argument is that such manipulation of genes is evolutionary for man. What do you think?

John ~ First of all, the idea of intentional evolution is an oxymoron. Darwinist evolution is a mindless process that takes place over eons of time without purpose or direction. Gene manipulation in the laboratory is not evolution in fact it is creation which is the very thing that scientists deny happens in nature. So, if we are going to manipulate our own genes, this is creation and we are playing God.

Secondly, the whole idea that life is getting better through Darwinist evolution is in contradiction to the second law of thermo-dynamics. I point this because, evolution requires energy. In a state of entropy any kind of change for the 'better' (and what would that be?) would not be necessary. Better actually would be conservation of energy and thus less evolution; it would be better in fact to be a single cell that stores energy.

Me ~ I know that we are in a state of entropy because this is a fallen world. However, when you look at the world, you see incredible complexity which definitely has the Creator's mark on it. God seems to have a plan... are we evolving in God's program? Some say yes as we select our mates. In fact, this is part of the argument being used to do genetic enhancement. What do you think?

John ~The idea that we must improve ourselves physically is not scriptural. In fact, the flesh is called the enemy of the spirit. Because the spirit is the true nature of man in the image of God. And, as scripture says over and over everything physical will be destroyed by fire included fools who think that they can live forever by becoming machines. The entropy in the universe was put there by the creator so that evil would not continue forever. It has an expiration date. And the entropy in the universe prevents corruption from spreading to far before succumbing to this natural decay.

Me ~ I agree, but what about man's (including woman) choosing a mate. Don't we make choices based on physical appearance? 

John ~ Yes we do. All based in the five senses which are of the flesh and are corrupt and not an accurate means of choosing a mate. But, certainly it is the means used by fallen man which is why it is not working so well. We should be choosing someone that God selects for us. I mean we should be making a choice based on God's selection for us, God brings you together. If you seek the Lord, you will know the 'right' person when you meet them.

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