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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Multi-Dimensioinality of God

Me ~ We talked once before about the multiverse. I want to talk now a little about the multidimensional aspect of God. I know that a lot of Christians and people who are not Christians have a problem with or wonder how Jesus Christ forgave sin once and for all at the cross which means in every multiverse.  For the lay person, can you elaborate on that?

John ~ Imagine drawing a line from one end of paper to another this represents time as we experience it. In order from a to b to c stretching from end to another end in a single direction.a series of moments each moment is a discreet existence of time. Now imagine a being that can exist outside of time and within time imagine that Christ could exist in one single moment eternally. Or experience eternity in one single moment so that each person whoever lived could be atoned. He could suffer the punishment for every person that ever lived... He Christ could experience that moment eternally on the cross for every person that ever lived because of His hyper-dimensional nature.

Me ~ Ok, you mean let's imagine drawing a line from one end of a sheet of paper to another and then crossing that line with another from one end of the paper to the other...making a plus a 'cross'. Therefore, Christ's act of sacrifice would essentially be eternal in that moment of time, suffer the eternal punishment for every person that ever lived in one moment of time due to His hyper-dimensional nature.

John ~ Yes!

Me ~ I love the story in Mark when Jesus fed the 4,000. Many people can't imagine this event as something that could actually happen. Given what you said about Christ being hyper-dimensional, then I suppose it was possible.

John ~ In the TV show Star Trek, it was postulated that man could turn energy into matter. We can already turn matter into energy, what nuclear fission is. If we could reverse the process we could turn any energy into any material that we wanted instantly. Clearly God has that capability. He is the master of energy and matter which are really two sides of the same coin.; both are simply different means of expressing the same program which means  how to take an idea and make it real either as energy or matter. Jesus demonstrated God's ability to this when he fed the four thousand so that we would know that there is nothing that God cannot do.

Me ~ Given that, what is this fallen world we experience, some call it the 'lower' sphere and God is in the higher sphere. Some and let's just call them 'new age' Christians think that this world fell to Satan and he controls it, it is in the process of decay because he "Satan" is Error and caused error to come into the program. What do you say?

John ~  I would say it is a synthesis of those. We know from science that there are at least 11 higher dimensions. some of these could be time dimensions. We also have the potential for a multi-universe reality. Where every possibility exists any God that could create such a reality exists such a higher sphere of existence it is impossible to understand Him but only that which he wants us to understand and makes availability to us. the world we live in s a part of or fragment of reality a lower level of reality just as a two dimensional universe. The existence of entropy or decay in our universe is evident never to be eternal but to erode and disappear. as though God knew that evil would exist and placed it in this kind of universe so that it would never become eternal and be defeated. In much the same way death prevent evil people from living forever and thus causing a great deal less harm than if they would if they lived long lives.
Jesus dimension the higher dimensionality of God at the Transfiguration and at the Resurrection when he appeared in the upper room without entering. As well as his ability to walk on water and to go from one place to another as He did at the Sea of Galilee a couple of times.

Me ~ So now what?

John ~ So now we wait for the Lord to deal with those that have chosen to live in error and have selected darkness as their preferred existence and to resurrect those of us who have followed Him and bring us into the same glorious life He has and to restore the earth and the rest of the universe to its original glory.

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