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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Complimentarity ~ God's Creation of the 'Sexes/Genders'.

Me ~ There is much debate today that gender is socially created and that one's sexual identity should not be socially mandated in that God creates everyone individually and man creates groups. Yet, we can read in the Bible that woman compliments man and that she is instructed differently from him. Did God create gender as we understand it? Or, did He just create complimentarity as the key factor for human existence and that would thus mean that any couple (individual created/coming together) who compliment each other as godly.

John ~ God created gender as a relationship of complimentarity and procreation. God saw that the first man was alone and needed someone to share life with. So He provided that person in the female. God saw that mankind needed a way to reproduce and so He provided that ability for mankind in the female and male joined. God also saw that mankind needed a spiritual analog to relate to God's relationship with man. And, so he created that analog in the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. So, saying that 'like or same sex' genders are complimentary is false and not godly. They cannot produce offspring which makes their union irrational and purposeless and clearly the result of corruption. Such a union is unable to fulfill God's purpose here in this realm.

Therefore, gender is both sexual and complimentary in this realm/ life where procreation is a requirement for the success of species and success of God's purpose which is evident in all of nature and the universe... opposites attract and thus opposites move time forward in this condition, this created universe.. But, in the future in the new creation (new heavens/earth - New Jerusalem) procreation will not be necessary. However, complimentarity will continue as we have in "gender relations" as in opposites existing in equilibrium though without the procreation component. Equilibrium will continue to be necessary and that does not mean equal or the same in attributes. God is a Trinity, that He is the same and different~ the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Evidence for this complementarity, as ordained by God in the male/ female, we can observe in same sex couples that they always operate in a simulation of God's complementarity. I say simulation because it is fabricated by them and not by God. For example, when we observe two males one will be dominant and one will be submissive and the same for two females.This fabrication is the evidence that human beings are meant to operate as two different sexes/genders in a permanent bonding godly relationship. This is not only critical for the well being of the individuals involved but for the godly functioning of the next generation.

Religion is Satan's Greatest Trap ~ How to Win Atheists for Christ!

Me ~ Organized religion is that what Jesus wanted? Is participating in organized religion what saves you? Can you not 'go to church'?

John ~ First answer - No. Second answer - organized religion does not save you. Third answer - First, let's say that you can go to church as a social commitment whereby there is a worshiping God with fellow Christians. You see, you can belong to an organized church and yet be a member of the true church. It is the motivation in your heart that separates the tears and the wheat. If you go for other reasons other than celebrating the Lord than you are not who you say you are... a Christian. Jesus was always more concerned with the heart of people than appearances.

Me ~ How is religion Satan's greatest trap and why make that statement?

John ~ Religion is a replacement for a true relationship with God. Religion is based on human works to achieve salvation. The other is based on God's works to give us the gift of salvation.

Me ~ Agree, but is Satan actually using the church? How is it his trap?

John ~ A trap is where you think you are safe 'saved' but really in danger. Anything that you achieve salvation through your works or through tradition or ceremony is a lie. One can become comfortable with the lie and think that it is truth.

Me ~ Why do people become or claim to be atheist?

John ~ I have heard from atheists own mouths is that they want to have complete sexual freedom. For them, God cannot judge them for their sexuality. After all, sexual desire is 'natural'. What they don't understand is that there is a world of the flesh and a world of the spirit. The Bible, the Word of God, tells us that one cannot live in both worlds. If you live and pursue the world of the flesh you will not be filled with the Holy Spirit there just won't be, let us say, room for Him in you. The Bible reminds us that the flesh will die but the spirit will be eternal. Yet, if one does not get to know or train for godliness with the "eternal" Holy Spirit, they will not know what it means to expect let alone receive the promise of eternal life.

Me ~ Can atheists want to have their cake and eat it too?

John ~ They do not realize that such an indulgence is not possible. If you want to be a marathon distance runner, you have to make sacrifices if you want to make it to the finish line let alone win. "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize. Run in such a way as to get the prize." 1 COR 9:24.

If I were to debate an atheist, I would apply what Paul reminded us earlier on in 1 COR 9, which was that I would have to imagine being an atheist. When Paul said that in order to argue for Christ he had to become as a Jew when with Jews, and become like one under the law when around those under the law, and become like those not having the law when around them, and become like the weak when around those who are weak. Paul instructed us to relate to people where they are... we can imagine that Paul would have instructed us to become as an atheist and argue for Christ from that point.

If I were an atheist who had a problem of existence, then I would have to ask myself "what is more rational that the universe and man was created by an alien, a random event or a Creator who in His creativity has purpose in all that He designs?" As a logical atheist person, I would have to choose a Creator as I see evidence of God, and recognize that something cannot come from nothing. Things do not appear on their own, a purely logical assumption.

Then, of course, as an atheist if it is a problem of evil I would have to ask "why do bad things happen?" In a created universe where there is a Creator who has a purpose for His design, all creation would be given free will in order that they themselves choose Him. In not choosing Him, evil is enabled. Then of course, I would ask but why did so- and-so get killed in a car accident or die from cancer? They were nice. Well, no they were not nice. We as creations having free will are not nice and always potentially able to do evil. There is not a yard stick for it... gossip is just as evil as murder in the mind of an all perfect and omnipotent Creator.

This is not comfortable to deal with. Hence, as an atheist, I might give up. It is easy to think I am nice and that I am or can get away with all my choices as long as I am willing to recognize that being nice is relative. But, as an atheist, who is not yet ready to give up sensing the purpose of absolute truth, I might consider that there is a need for absolute truth in that it is logical to have it in mind. Thus, I can fully understand, concerning the problem of evil in the world, that though I am in the world, I am not of it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eliminating Evil in the World!

Me ~ Given today's events, so many people, Christians and non- Christians, are screaming to eliminate evil in the world. Is that possible?

John ~ First, let me say that my heart goes out to all those who have been hurt by recent events. There is no reason to lay blame or labels, this is a corrupt world. It has been since the Fall of Mankind. Now, the question, can we or God eliminate evil in the world? Probably more people would want me to address the question, if there is a God why does evil happen or why does he let it happen?

As His creation, I cannot suppose to know His mind or the potential of His mind in the world (this corrupted version). What I can say is what I imagine a great creator would be faced with: actual and potential evil. So, let us work with that since we understand through physics as in quantum applications of how things are as in 'actual' and are possible as in 'potential'.

Eliminating evil in the world as it would be with eliminating anything would mean that you have to rid the world all actual evil and all potential evil. So, in fact, that could very well mean eliminating 'you' or anybody as we all have within us potential for evil. God's way as I imagine a great creator would do (I can imagine that being His creation) would be to grant free will and let creation choose to reject evil.  Therefore, on does not need to destroy the entire creation to eliminate evil.

Me ~ Amen! All things are possible with God Mark 10:27 and everything is permissible but not beneficial. 1COR 10:23

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why bad things happen, evil in the world...

Me ~ In light of the tragedy in France, many people are asking why. They ask why would God allow such a thing. How would you comment?

John ~ Bad things happen all the time everyday to everyone, people everywhere. Why? Because, God gives us the ability to choose between right and wrong. If we were not able to make that decision why would we know what is evil and what is good.

Me ~ Yes, but when people are hurting and afraid they don't see how even this ability works in their favor let alone the world's.They think that good can be accomplished through man's law for all time.

John ~ Laws don't guarantee people will be good all the time, not in this world. Christ came to say that ... man cannot live under the law. His message was that You have to change hearts and it has to be a choice, our choice.  Some choose evil and some choose good and there are eternal consequences for those choices. The best of all possible worlds is to live in the one where we are able to make choices, we are learning to make the right choice while at the same time others are making the wrong choice. This is how we learn to make the right choice....Follow Him. Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself and love God with all your heart, mind and soul... pick up your cross and follow me" ~ Matthew 19:19. That would be the right choice.

Is that just? Yes it is just. Because we are given the freedom to choose right and wrong rather than having it dictated to us. And, as Christians, we have this knowledge of hope that there is a day coming when the Lord will return and when he does those choices will no longer be necessary because those living in that kingdom won't have to make those choices because they have learned how in this world. 

Me ~ Amen!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Word of God ~ It is by Faith that We are Saved!

Me ~ Many Christians may have heard of William Tyndale but rather many have not. He was a Catholic priest who wanted the average person to read the Word of God; given that, he translated the Bible directly from Greek and Hebrew texts into English while in hiding and had them shipped to England. Sadly, he was considered a heretic by the Catholic Church and burned at the stake in 1536. How could that be when Tyndale was obviously a man of God? He could speak seven languages and he was proficient in ancient Hebrew and Greek. As a priest and a man of God, his only desire was to teach English men and women the good news of justification by faith. Why do you think that the Catholic considered him a heretic, was it because of his view of salvation by faith and not works?

John ~ Firstly, let me say that Tyndale was an excellent Biblical scholar. He was Oxford trained in Greek and Hebrew. His desire was to bring the Word of God to the people. He never refuted what he was doing because what he was doing was what Jesus had done and that was to rebuke the institutionalization of salvation that had crystallized and ultimately caged the very people that Christ came to set free. Tyndale's criticism of the Catholic Church was that it kept the Word of God away from the common man. Tyndale had justifiable criticism against the power and wealth of Catholic priests and bishops and this threatened to disrupt their monopoly and control over people and their own positions in the church. In a sense, Tyndale was much like Martin Luther who too as a Catholic priest saw that people were not served by the 'church' but rather they were enslaved by it.

Me ~ Some people today, especially Catholics think that works are part of salvation. What are they getting wrong? 

John ~ Works do not save you but are evidence of your salvation. Paul stated that the works we do are the fruit of the Spirit therefore evidence to the world that you/we are Christs... It is by faith and faith alone that you are saved. Hence, works are the evidence of faith. Which means that salvation comes only by faith in Christ's finished works not by anything that we can do so that no one can boast ... by their own merit.  Essentially, Tyndale was inline with Paul who stressed that salvation is a gift - God's grace. For if it were not a gift, then grace would be meaningless... if grace could be earned, it would not be grace but a work.

Read Hebrews 8, 9 and 10 ~ Jesus is our high priest, his ministry is far superior to the old priesthood...