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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

God and Social Justice

Me ~ There is a lot of discussion today about social justice. If I am correct in reading the news, the Pope is encouraging this discussion. What do you say about God and social justice?

John ~ There is a heresy that has crept into the Church that God/Jesus was concerned about Social Justice. God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was concerned with every individuals' salvation. Yes, He addressed many poor as they reached out to Him eager to listen. That did not mean Jesus did not reach out to the wealthy, he did; and, even had dinner at their house. Christ was about the salvation of every man - rich and poor. He was not about 'group' justice. This is what we are being subjected to today.

Me ~ What do you mean 'group' justice?

John ~ Jesus was concerned first and foremost with individual righteousness and the Kingdom of God. Our so called social justice is concerned with group identity and political manipulation of groups in the name of "justice". So, what is happening is that certain groups are being politically favored in order that the controlling group who really rule over and above every man are given the right to take property and wealth from particular groups under them and redistribute their wealth by 'their' made man law which seems 'righteous' but what it really does is allow the controlling group to keep their wealth by making others (not in their circle group) pay what they (control group) deem to be their fair share.

The Lord God has always been concerned with the heart of individuals and as we read His Word, we come to know that He never conducted group healing or group therapies or group talk shows (orchestrated by Him) proposing a certain agenda. Yes, many poor gathered around Him and He talked to them but not as if they were a kind of group that needed special attention. He said himself, "the poor you will always have" Matthew 26:11. And thus, He demanded from every individual to those less fortunate. He was concerned about the purity of the individual heart and the calling of the elect into God's Kingdom - His social justice.

Jesus never called upon the slaves or poor to rise up and demand political redress by violence of fiat. This notion was devised by atheists who do not believe that the human heart can be saved and therefore choose to make laws to make people behave by threat of violence to them. Hardly the same message that the Lord and Savior Christ Jesus preached.

"If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing."
 1 COR 13:3

Looking at that scripture from Corinthians, we can ask "What does that mean?" It means that no matter what you are rich or poor, if you have not love in your heart you gain nothing. A poor man can be as unloving and hateful as any rich man. We assume today that the rich are hateful and that the poor are loving and kind =  the 'good' people. This is not true but a slogan of propaganda used by the control group. This was the agenda the control group used against society in Jesus's time.

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