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Monday, October 19, 2015

Who is God talking to in Genesis 1:26 and Did God create Gender?

Me ~ The pronoun 'us' is used in Genesis 1:26. I thought that God created man in his 'God's' own image. We is this 'us'?

John ~ God is using the plural because God is plural - a trinity.

Me ~ Who is the implied audience in Genesis? Perhaps, he is talking to himself, the anthropomorphism??? 

John ~ Perhaps, God is talking to an audience of spiritual beings. However, we should be careful not to take this too literally. The 'we' is essentially the Godhead - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The audience we suppose is there is one that we cannot be sure about. Yet, I think that by applying anthropomorphic (because we are human)  perspective, we understand better the Godhead.

Me ~ There are many who question if God actually created gender, though He called them male and female when He created man and then woman. Some say that 'gender' as we 'humans' in this world understand it implies that sexuality came after the fall when the man and woman realized that they were naked as in 'sexed'.

John ~ They were created having gender (God made them male and female) but we could rightly assume that the man and woman did not know/think that their sexual nature was not from God. It was rather a given aspect of their human being - one was male and the other female. Was it revealed to them in another way? Yes, we could suppose that when Satan tempted the woman she disobeyed God and then man also partook in that sin. In this moment, their sexuality was seen by them in a different way, almost in an unnatural way and not only were they ashamed but also afraid as they hid from God.

Me ~ Why would gender 'male and female' (God created sexuality) be seen differently after they were deceived by Satan? Why wouldn't they have seen that they were tall or short or hairy or something else to be ashamed of or that they were wondering why they were not birds or reptiles or something else than what God created them to be?

John ~ What is the one thing that atheists don't like about Christianity? They don't like not having sexual freedom. The fall turned sex into something ugly and corrupt. Sex became a gross distortion of what it was intended to be. I think we will understand sex as it was intended only when the Lord returns. Today, sex  is a means of feeding evil obsessive selfish desires rather than glorifying God's creation.  Hence, we have groups declaring that God did not create gender.

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