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Saturday, May 30, 2015

End Times ~ Where When and Who Part I

Me ~ Are we living in end times?

John ~ Indeed. The end times are the period in history where God is raping up his plan for this current age of man. which fits into His eternal plan. Technically speaking, the end times began with Christ's resurrection and return to heaven. However, we can also use that term to describe the years preceding His return. Within those preceding years is a seven year period called the great tribulation. In this period of time the bride of Christ is purified and brought to heaven while the world undergoes judgement through the works of Lucifer and the Fallen ones with incredible natural catastrophes which culminates in the second coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon.

Me ~ Concerning then 'end times' where, when and who are we talking about?  Maybe we should start from who?

John ~  The end times involves the human race. Though specific individuals are mentioned during this great tribulation period. The main character is the Dragon or Satan also known as Lucifer knows as the fallen cherub. He is the one who has been hurled to earth and is trying to hang onto what is left of his kingdom. Preparing the world to repel the invasion of Christ at Armageddon. The second most important character is the beast known as the anti-Christ. He is an individual who becomes the world ruler at this time. And, is possessed by an evil spirit sent by Lucifer. The second character is the false prophet who is a false Messiah and causes the entire world to worship the beast.The final character is the Lord Jesus Christ who returns to establish his rule on the earth and recreate the Garden of Eden and imprison Lucifer and his fallen ones for a thousand years until judgment.

Me ~ OK, but what the discussion about that where they come from suggests who... The Bible says that the false prophet will come out of the earth and he looks like a lamb with horns and the anti-Christ comes out of the sea which likely means the area of the Mediterranean.

John ~ The anti-Christ is an Assyrian. That is Biblical. Also, he is of the people that destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. which was a Syrian legion of the Roman army. Also, he will be a man of fierce countenance and will conquer by peace and war. He honors a god of force and is not interested in the desire of women and will claim to be god and demand to be worshiped as such in his short career. He will take over the temple in Jerusalem and kill the Jews and fight a battle against Jesus - Armageddon.

Me ~ We have talked before about the Rapture. Where in this spectrum of end times is that?

John ~ The word rapture is  not used in the Bible. It is a permutation of the Greek word -parousia which means the coming. This word refers of Jesus Christ's coming. Appearing the air when he comes to remove the church prior to the judgment of mankind. Paul referred to this as the Blessed Hope. It occurs somewhere either just prior to the tribulation and or up to the mid point which is about three and half years into it.

Me ~ Do we know when that is?

John ~ We will know when we see the sing of the Son of man in the sky. It maybe be the sign of a cross or His actual visage. We do know that when the sun goes dark and the moon turns to blood and what looks like the stars falling to earth, (I strongly believe a super volcano or cometary impact on the earth) we will know His coming is imminent. 

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