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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Complimentarity ~ God's Creation of the 'Sexes/Genders'.

Me ~ There is much debate today that gender is socially created and that one's sexual identity should not be socially mandated in that God creates everyone individually and man creates groups. Yet, we can read in the Bible that woman compliments man and that she is instructed differently from him. Did God create gender as we understand it? Or, did He just create complimentarity as the key factor for human existence and that would thus mean that any couple (individual created/coming together) who compliment each other as godly.

John ~ God created gender as a relationship of complimentarity and procreation. God saw that the first man was alone and needed someone to share life with. So He provided that person in the female. God saw that mankind needed a way to reproduce and so He provided that ability for mankind in the female and male joined. God also saw that mankind needed a spiritual analog to relate to God's relationship with man. And, so he created that analog in the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. So, saying that 'like or same sex' genders are complimentary is false and not godly. They cannot produce offspring which makes their union irrational and purposeless and clearly the result of corruption. Such a union is unable to fulfill God's purpose here in this realm.

Therefore, gender is both sexual and complimentary in this realm/ life where procreation is a requirement for the success of species and success of God's purpose which is evident in all of nature and the universe... opposites attract and thus opposites move time forward in this condition, this created universe.. But, in the future in the new creation (new heavens/earth - New Jerusalem) procreation will not be necessary. However, complimentarity will continue as we have in "gender relations" as in opposites existing in equilibrium though without the procreation component. Equilibrium will continue to be necessary and that does not mean equal or the same in attributes. God is a Trinity, that He is the same and different~ the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Evidence for this complementarity, as ordained by God in the male/ female, we can observe in same sex couples that they always operate in a simulation of God's complementarity. I say simulation because it is fabricated by them and not by God. For example, when we observe two males one will be dominant and one will be submissive and the same for two females.This fabrication is the evidence that human beings are meant to operate as two different sexes/genders in a permanent bonding godly relationship. This is not only critical for the well being of the individuals involved but for the godly functioning of the next generation.

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