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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Becoming like Christ and Ruling Over God's Creation!

Me ~ What is the destiny of the Christian?

John ~ Our destiny is before us. Reading the Bible, God's Word is where we learn what we must do. Jesus Christ was quite clear about our destiny when he said that we must follow Him giving up things of this world and even family as in putting God first~ Matthew 19:28. We must put God first (have no other God (s) before Me) and He must be first in our heart and our trust in God must be complete; and not worry about things or family as they are in His care. In this way, we can follow Him by trusting in God. 

Me ~ But, how is that possible?

John ~ All things are possible in God. Paul reminded us that we must be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” ~ Ephesians 6: 10-12.
Me ~ Is that how we become like Christ?

John ~ Yes, and remember that becoming we must take on that Armour and begin to lead a Christ filled life. Paul admonished the early church for suing each other in court ~1 COR 6. He did so by reminding them that they would one day rule over angels and God’s universe ~ 1 COR 6. Paul understood the Elohim were the divine council (Psalm 82) made up of god-like created beings that were given authority to administer and rule over Yaweh’s creation. However, at the end of the Flood they were given authority to spread humankind across the planet. They failed to do this and instead got mankind to worship them and keep them in one place and make a religion and temple to them. God ended this crime by creating many languages (Fall of the tower of Babel=Babylon) and then assigning each human language group to be under the authority and to worship these Elohim.  God then created a new human group that would worship Him and to whom he would reveal himself. These became the Hebrews.  The Elohim also considered angels as well as demons and including foreign nations (1 Kgs 11:33, Deut 32:17, Sam 28:13, Gen 35:7) who disobeyed God were judged by him to one day die as men. So, the end-game in all this is that Saved humanity  =  those redeemed and brought back to God through the Son (including those once under the Elohim known as ‘Gentiles’ and or all in Christ, would one day replace these Elohim (Greek -kosmokrators * devils and his demons, Lord of this world) and rule over the angels (as Paul told us [God speaking through Paul]); including all Elohim ‘kosmokrators, and all God’s creation. So, our destiny is to return to Paradise becoming like Christ to rule and administer God’s creation.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New World Order ~ Nebuchadnezzar's Iron and Clay

Me ~ Is there a connection between the New World Order and Nebuchadnezzar's dream?

John ~ Yeah, the New World Order. It is the Old World Order trying to reestablish itself as the preeminent order of the world just as it was during the time of Nimrod and the first Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar's dream described a statue of five parts starting with the head of gold which represents the kingdom of Babylon during King Nebuchadnezzar's reign. The second section of this statue in his dream was the silver chest of arms which represented Persia which came after Babylon. Then came the waist of Greece which overthrew the Persian Empire. Then came the two legs of iron representing the Roman Empire in two parts/legs = East and West Roman Empire.

Finally, we have the two feet of iron mixed with clay each with 5 toes totally 10 toes which is the number of world rulers who will be in command of the final empire of this world's history. This final empire is the New World Order which we are seeing develop today around the world but namely in Europe and the Middle East and including in the United States. These ten rulers (ten toes on the statue) will give their authority to one individual (known by three different names: the beast, the anti-Christ and the man of sin) whose empire will be over thrown by a stone that will destroy the statue completely and grow to be a mountain which represents the Kingdom of God which will replace the kingdom 'rule' of man on earth.

Me ~ So, the iron and clay represent what? The rulers are the toes as you said, but why iron and clay.

John ~ Clay and iron do not mix, they do not create a strong substance. Iron is strong and clay is brittle. Not only do we have one portion being strong we have one being weak combined into a single empire. The second thing is that they 'toes' are the evolution of the legs. The final empire is also the Roman Empire which is iron in the toes mixing with clay in the last days. The clay could be socialism vs capitalism (iron), Muslims vs. Christians (iron), or perhaps different ethnicities pitted against each other in Europe, or other Middle Easterners vs Europeans and lastly, the iron and clay could represent the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman which would be in opposition in the last days represented in two political entities competing to control the New World Order and be the final world government.

However, the problem with that final theory is that the legs of iron only represent the Roman Empire so why are the feet of iron mixed with clay and where does the clay come from. It has to be fundamental to the nature of the Roman Empire which had a strong nature. So, something comes into weaken the iron which is the clay. Two entirely separate peoples are mingling in this new empire which would be Islam vs. Christianity.

Me ~  Could it also be that the seed of the serpent is technology and the woman is mankind? These two don't mix and yet we see a desire to combine as in mix these two together.

John ~ That is certainly a possibility based on the direction and speed which trans-humanism is taking over mankind. Trans-humanism being the technology that is on the horizon as we observe with gene manipulation and technological enhancements that are supposed to make us safer, smarter and live longer as well as bringing ease of living when it comes to everyday life transactions and routines.

Me~ Does that in anyway tie into the New World Order?

John ~ Absolutely, the New World Order as it is the feet and toes described above especially if we consider the New World order having the agenda to be like Old World Order - Babylon. It is the last global empire whose agenda is like that of old world order where all people were on the same page, talking the same language, having the same religion and same money or monetary or merit system and the same government. Certainly, that kind of technology 'trans-humanism' would make it much easier to organize and manage. Finally, it must be said that this final world empire that will have a devastating affect on Israel.

The question is, how will it manifest itself? The Bible calls the New World Order - Mystery Babylon. And, I am not sure how that will happen. It could be due to war (s) or the unification of Europe with the Islamic Caliphate of the Middle East, at least this would be in keeping with the statue whereby the legs of the statue represent the Roman Empire.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Non Nuclear Family ~ The result of people who think they know more than God.

Me ~ You hear and read more and more about non nuclear families as in families recreating themselves. Not just new mommies and daddies but a few of each or one of each of the same sex. Family in terms of definition or composition seems to be a hot topic today. So, what is the harm of the non nuclear family?

John ~ Firstly, God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth of all things seen and unseen. If you don't believe that, then you will not appreciate where I am going to go with my answer. God's design whether we like it or not, or agree with it or not is incredibly intrinsically complex and connected and that includes man place in it. I could say the same even talking as a nature loving humanist. But, I am not. I am a God fearing God loving God created man. So, what can we expect when we play God?

The harm....we will be creating imbalances throughout God's design. Yes, you could argue that isn't this a fallen world and these new ideas about family are reflective of that fallen world. Of course, they are. But, that does not mean we should pursue them in our sinful fallen nature in this fallen world. I know that there are many even educated people who believe in a Creator God and yet they also think that He has nothing to do with our lives in this world. Our fallen world makes it seem like God does not care, but that is not the case.

I know that argument put forward by Spinoza (even adopted by Einstein)... he illustrated it by saying that a if a circle believed in a God, its God would be a circle. That all created things imagine their God to be like them/what they are but that their creator is outside of their being. In that case, since man is God's creation, he believes God to look and be like him. In that sense, man already has a relationship with his Creator and that relationship can be furthered. So, yes, we can have a relationship with our Creator.  Now, I am going off track and need to answer the question about recreating the nuclear family.

Though, we have been given a free will, we are called as Christians to submit to our Creator's will. Why? Because, he knows the best for us in this fallen world and He will lovingly give to us what we need if we just let Him, trust and rest in Him. We have to also acknowledge that the Bible is the Word of God, His instructions for us in this fallen world are written there. By following the Bible, we come closer to His will for us and what is best for us and realize that there is more than this fallen world, which He promises us.

So, you see, by creating a non nuclear family, we are opening a Pandora's box to destruction. Someone said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Again, a non nuclear family will cause imbalances. These imbalances can crumble an entire system. We see this in nature when we remove an important part of the ecosystem i.e. removing wolves, which has taken generations to see the negative results but they are there.

The single mom problem has caused this kind of imbalance in society with men growing up thinking that they are women. If you are going to start designing your own families you will be creating imbalances that may cause humanity to become not worth saving or impossible to save. Of course, we know that in end times, it will be like in the days of Noah or moving up in time like Lot in Sodom. So, maybe there will be one family left worth saving or at least ten.

When we interfere with nature, we end up creating imbalances. We move things around and then one species takes over and we have to shot them as they take over. Even with quite visible failures, we still think we can do it right ...this time. We are messing with mankind's future. We are endangering humanity.

Believe me, I do feel for people who cannot conceive or suffer through bad marriages. But, that does not mean we have the right to usurp God's authority. We were destined for a specific order. We are not smart enough (God's mind is incomparably greater) and therefore, we don't know enough to play dice with ordered systems. We think we  know better but we don't. We should learn from the past, the far past- read Genesis!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Man trying to be God!

Me ~ It seems to me that man is always trying to be God. He/she thinks that if we just have the right law, or pay people enough money for the job they do, they will be nice, they will behave and the world will be a better place.  Why is that impossible?

John ~ You see, the first problem that most people don't recognize is that this is a fallen world. Man cannot be good no matter how many laws or how much money for whatever job they do- doctor or broom pusher.
Laws nor money can make people be nice or behave. Embracing the Creator, the Lord God Jesus Christ is the only way back to 'paradise'.

Me ~ Yes, I see. But, what about man's idea that socialism would be a better way to some kind of paradise on earth. And, certainly technology is improving the way we live, right?

John ~ Socialism is just that... a man made idea. You see, there is a man at the top of that social hierarchy too. There is always someone a man/woman at the top of the social hierarchy here in this fallen world. The irony is that even if men/women do not put that person in such a place 'at the top' they will get there by force or by their attractive charisma. How? They make promises to change things. And, they say it in the plural form 'we'.  The problem with full blown socialism which is actually communism is that someone other than 'you or me' is calling the shots for everyone and yet making it appear that we did it together.

Now, I don't know about you but I would rather make my own decisions or as free as possible decisions based on a freedom loving social contract that gives me and you as much freedom to make our own choices as the next guy. So... why wouldn't someone in a full blown socialism 'communism' where everybody so called works together make something for me first let alone a paradise for me? Because, they are too busy making a paradise for those at the top first who cloak their agenda in 'we can do it'; and then, the 'someone' or guy makes something or does something for me or the guy next to them if they have enough time and energy left. And, what about that guy or the next guy, right? Would he/she be happy with the service provided by the guy next to them? Well, he/she should be proud after all they are 'we' and 'we can do it'.

Yes, that is what it would be like for you and me as we. As we ... we would be involved in doing services or serving our fellow man in every instance before ourselves. Now, you might say... isn't that Christian? Yes, but such a service minded Christian person does it because he/she is filled with the Holy Spirit not because there is a man made law that forces you to do it. 

Me ~ You did not mention technology. Wouldn't technology be able to provide for all people... give everyone what they want when they need it.

John ~ Yes and No. Yes, technology is making more lives easy but that does not mean better. A lot of people are losing their jobs because of technology. I don't think that technology can give 300 million+ people (US pop.) what they want when they want it. Who would be in charge of that kind of distribution? And, now we are back to the communist social hierarchy 'model' as I already mentioned. It could be based on merit as is full blown socialism. That means who works the most for the state is the most deserving. Perhaps those that develop the technology would be the most deserving; after all, they created it (no not everyone created it not everyone has a PhD from MIT) and thus as the creators deemed the 'smart' people or 'necessary' for the time being until they are replaced by technology would get first dibs.

Now, do you think that government or some 'technology' controlled by government would know what is best for you at any moment let alone the moment when you need something... and remember the government is made up of sinful men/women... ? Those at the top will serve themselves first and do it according to the law.

Stop looking to a malevolent entity! Look to one that is all benevolent - Jesus Christ!!!!