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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gender and the Bible

Me ~ Could transgendered people proclaim that their agenda is supported by scripture... as a way of overcoming the flesh?

John ~ They could claim it but what they are forgetting is that God's creation is very good. He created two genders which is repeated often in the Bible; there are mentioned only two genders that He the creator intended for humanity.

I would like to add that it seems to me that what is actually going on is an indulgence in the flesh. It is not just skin bones but the flesh includes the soul and mind. We have people who are poorly socialized or have genetic defects and are mentally ill. These are fleshy problems, not spiritual problems. So, by allowing their flesh to lead them, they are making changes that God never intended. When they stand before the creator, they will stand as the gender that He created them as either male or female, not regarding their feelings. Corruption enters us at birth, even before birth given that children in the womb as they develop are being socialized by godly or ungodly parents.

Me ~ Would you apply the same reasoning to homosexual and bi-sexual individuals?

John ~  Absolutely, because we are dealing with people led by the flesh rather than people led by the spirit.

Me ~ What about transhumanism as a means of overcoming the flesh, is that indulging in the flesh or is it trying to escape it?

John ~ Once again, the flesh is anything not of the spirit. When we indulge in anything that is not the spirit, it is of the flesh. So transhumanism is indulging in the flesh. Transhumanism main goal is immortality in the flesh rather than allowing God to do what He said He will do which will be to provide us with glorified bodies; which will lead us from death to life. Transhumanists mistakenly promote the idea that man can achieve eternal life. Mechanical things break down just as much as biological. the universe is in a state of entropy and everything is breaking down. This is because since the fall, the world as we know which includes our perception of the cosmos and even our experience of it is in a state of entropy.

Me ~ What should people be doing given their propensity for indulging in the flesh and their likely view that if this is a state of entropy then why not indulge in the flesh?

John ~ Indulging in something in that is always decaying is the height of foolishness. The Bible says that everything is going to be destroyed with fire when God returns to create the new heaven and new earth. That means that all humans and everything that the flesh can come up with with be destroyed. The better choice would be to indulge in the spirit which is eternal order to be saved before that event.

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