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The Analyst
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gender Confusion ~ A Sign of End Times?

One cause of society collapse is due to Destratification. This happens when complex societies stratified on the basis of class, gender, race or some other salient factor become much more homogeneous or horizontally structured  as in egalitarian. 

Me ~ What is your take on this from the point of view as a Christian?

John ~ They 'the reprobate elites' want to deconstruct the established absolute and make a new one which has no absolute at all which means anything goes cause its based on how a person feels.We have a corrupt leadership in this country which is ideological in favor of collectivist. They want absolutely do not like the white Christian world view which has been in ascendance for some time.

Me ~ Agree, but from a biblical perspective, how do you see this destratification as problematic for Christianity?

John ~  Because, they 'reprobate elite who are largely feminized' are trying to de-stratify the western society which is Christian. They began by laying accusations that white men created a system that holds back everyone from being who they want to be. Thus, they demonize western civilization and philosophy in order to create a more homogeneous or horizontally structured one that will become eventually gray and phony in a 'natural' sense as well as an abomination in a godly sense.

Me ~ Why is that the elite have become reprobate and feminized?

John ~ That is a really good question? What happened at the turn of the last century that started this... I think it had to due with the end of slavery. If we gave the right to vote to all men and any race, then why shouldn't women have that right too. Civilized men were demonized.

Me ~ I can see that. So, are you saying then that somehow women as in 'Eve' have been once again the initiate of collapse - fall.  And, if yes, then why is that a problem for God's hierarchy?

John ~ Yes, they are. Why? Women who step outside of God's order initiate the collapse of God's fundamental order... God's hierarchy is the nuclear family was attacked - man/woman/kids. This nucleus is the foundation of any society. His order has reason and purpose. It does not give anyone who is at the top of the hierarchy the right to harm or hurt or put down anyone... those at the top have to answer to God.

Each one of us, men and women are part of the problem. Each then are neglecting their God given role. When you neglect your role, you then blame others for your neglect.

The first thing out of Adam's mouth - She made me do it... And, now we have women blaming Adam for their neglecting their roles as wives and mothers. We have men also neglecting their roles as husbands and fathers, we have all people neglecting their Godly design as a woman or man and it is a sign of society collapse - End Times!