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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Serpent in the Garden ~ The Problem for Women

Me ~ Today, we can see the Serpent in the garden. It appears Satan is gaining influence and again through 'woman'.  Why is that? 

John ~ Because, Satan sees a woman where God placed her...second to Adam. Woman thinks she is second to Adam as in being second best. However, that was not God's design. He gave a gift to Adam = Eve...and this gift was never intended to be second-hand or second best. This idea of being second best is how Satan sees himself. He went after Eve hoping to get her to think as He does... second best. He plays upon her by seducing and inducing in her jealousy and pride. Expecting her to react as  he does... not wanting to be second to God but first - over and above God.

Me ~ As we can observe, woman is again being seduced and induced into Satan's false label of her - second best. What do you think will be the outcome?

John ~ Firstly, women today have fallen for the lie that being subservient to an authority makes them second best as if they are being forced into servitude. God's authority in the universe appears to be a kind of forced- upon order. However, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen, does not force anything into existence. He creates out of love. His authority has purpose which is to protect His order of things which exist because He exists and which remain because of His order and He cares for that order. Lack of order creates chaos uncertainty and inevitably destruction.

Look around, women seek to be independent from men, which actually puts them out of God's order and His protection. This is not recent. For sometime, women have seen themselves as requiring a revolt against men.... in a society that was in line with God's order.

Me ~ Yes, I agree. However, many women are in positions of power, some even 'have it all'. Yet, in saying that, studies reveal that more and more women are unhappy. What lies ahead for women? Is the serpent in the garden here to stay?

John ~  Before answering what lies ahead, I want to answer the later of the two. Satan is here to stay until the Lord comes back and throws him into the abyss. However, we as human beings can still make choices, both good and bad. Based upon the obvious collapse of our social fabric, we better start to make the right choices before everything is completely destroyed.

What lies ahead depends on both women and men. We need to return to Biblical marriage and family. Women need to understand their position which is not second best nor is it equal. God's position for women is that of a gift. As such, men  are not made inferior nor are women made superior. A gift is respected and cherished. If that gift is set aside or left alone, it has no purpose as a gift anymore. The gift of being female, is to compliment male.

The promotion of homosexual lifestyle is a lack of understanding the gift. That is why, eventually, we will witness homosexuality leading to the complete destruction of God's society. When men no longer are men and women no longer women as God created them. The end of the human race is in sight. How? Through absolute self inflicted destruction. All because of pride, arrogance and refusal to embrace the loving God's order.

*My wife is a pearl of great price. I don't want to let her get dirty, or get lost and nor will I ever set her aside. Taking care of her is my job as her husband. When women don't let men take care of them, they 'men' don't understand themselves anymore. 

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