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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Sinful Mind is Failure to Embrace the Kingdom of God

Me ~ In my social quantum analysis blog, I told readers that creationists know that the kingdom is an eternal kingdom, because all information as in every word of it comes from the mouth of God the Creator of all things seen and unseen. You may argue that men speak words and men wrote the Bible. Does that mean that men create themselves and through their words evolve to be God through use of 'words'? Yes and No. Yes, because this is what the Creator programmed us to do become like Him. We can accept that or not. It is our choice to accept the Kingdom within us. The commands programed in us 'command' each program to be like the Creator in order to be saved. No - because we are not God, we are created by God. No one is greater than the Creator, not even the creation.We can assume that by not accepting the commands, the program cannot be saved. Because, indulging in your sinful nature, which is the indulgence in what the mind projects alone as a glorification of the self and not the Creator, only leads to death. I based this on ~ Romans 8

I know you had a comment about what I wrote and today I would like you to elaborate on it. Exactly, what is Romans 8 telling us... what is the sinful mind. 

John ~ Those that don't have the spirit in them, the Holy Spirit = God, will not have a renewed mind. So, even creationists who are not born again, born of the spirit will be not be saved. The sinful nature is the mind without the spirit of God. The spirit is what you makes God like.... to imagine what God imagines. We have to renew our minds. To go from a non spirit mind, to a spirit mind. To think of things that are in the mind of God, not in our own  minds for our own pleasure and or gratification of the self.

For instance, scientists boast that they discovered something new about the universe... other scientists support them and so they are in agreement and they celebrate their collective minds in agreement of what is out there as seen by their minds which somehow makes them special. It is important to practice hearing God so that you do not fall into your own understanding of what you 'think' is out there.

You mentioned that our minds project God's imagination as to what is out there. I agree, but credit to what we see should be in fact must be given to God. It is because of Him that we see anything out there... not because of our own mind. And that is why I agree with you in that we have yet to embrace God's imagination = God's Spirit and we fail to truly see what is out there because we fail to embrace what is in us which is the Kingdom of God.

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