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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seed ~ And the End Times

Me ~ In Genesis, we can read that God put enmity between the serpent and the woman and between the serpent's 'seed' as in offspring and hers; he (Eve's seed) will crush your (serpent's) head, and you (serpent) will strike his (Eve's seed) heel - Genesis 3:15.
How should we understand the importance of the 'seed'?

John ~ The entire battle between good and evil in our universe is going to be settled between 'seed' offspring of God/man and Satan/man.

Me ~ Are you saying then that Satan produced offspring?

John ~ Yes.

Me ~ With women on earth?

John ~ Through those that he had authority over. In Genesis chapter 6 describes the entire event which ultimately leads to the great flood which cleanses the planet from the seed of Satan.

Me ~ If the flood cleansed the planet, then what should be concerned about now?

John ~ The war is not over. Satan lost that battle, but Moses wrote that this seed reappeared after the flood. It was chased out and killed off of the Canaan region by the Hebrews which God commanded them to do so.We see all over the world including in North and South America, that this seed was active there as well. The book of Revelation talks about that seed reappearing again just as it did in the days of Noah. It will be the seed that wars against Jesus at His return.

Me ~  What does it mean then that the serpent will strike at Eve's seed's 'offspring' heel?

John ~ It means that Satan is going to harm Eve's seed but not destroy it. Eve's seed was Jesus and those that He makes like himself through the Spirit... being translated into his likeness.

Me ~ Is the serpent 'Satan' a real snake?

John ~ He is not a snake, he is a serpent. A serpent means reptile. God made him and called him a serpent. It was not intended to be allegory.

Me ~ Do you think there is too much allegory in the Bible?

John ~ No, there are too many people that think there is allegory in the Bible. People should take the Bible at face value even if it defies a narrow minded ability to grasp it. It only means your ability to grasp it is lacking. You don't have any experience to understand it as fact. We don't see people walking on water, or the Red Sea opening up or people being raised from the dead (though there are such cases), but that does not mean such events did not happen. I have no reason to call God a liar.

Me ~ People say that men wrote the Bible and that they used story telling techniques to convey their agenda.

John ~ They are wrong. The Bible is the Word of God, it proves itself. It is not someone's imagination or someone coming up with silly stories. This is why they don't get the importance of the 'seed' and Armageddon. Let me expound on the Bible being the Word of God. It is because nowhere in the Bible does it put 'man' first. God is put first and foremost. He is recognized repeatedly as the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen. Revelations is Jesus describing His second Coming.

We also have to understand that there is a physical 'gene' element that has to be given attention when we talk about 'seed'. This is who we know what it meant that Noah was perfect in his generation. He was genetically pure. As in the times of Noah, we will see the flesh (physically/ genetically) become corrupted again. 

Me ~ Isn't the flesh corrupted already since this is a fallen 'corrupt' world?

John ~ In God's eyes, yes. But, man is growing up as in increasing that corruption rather than fighting and or struggling to reduce/eliminate it. Let me clarify, there was the spiritual fall which corrupted our physical (the sin of death is the result of that corruption) flesh. Because of that, there is now a growing as in increasing corruption of the flesh; made easier without its 'holy' spirit taken by Satan through deception.

Man whose spirit was corrupted by Satan is now doing Satan's work so to speak. Man is changing and mixing kinds in order to create new kinds life that were never meant to exist... by mixing genes, the code for life. In other words, Satan through man is trying to create life in his image violating God's order for life on earth. Essentially, we are witnessing Satan's seed devouring God's. Like a virus devouring the original hard drive program.

Now, God sent His Son as a kind of patch (first to save God's program for those who recognize and accept it) to 'attack' the serpents seed and the final blow is yet to come.

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