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Sunday, June 28, 2015

What Consequences Can We Expect?

Me ~ Not so many posts ago, we blogged about marriage between a man and a woman. As of this past week, the US Supreme Court recognized 'gay' marriage. There is no need to go on about marriage between a man and a woman in this post because if anyone wants to know what we blogged they can go back and read it. Now, I just want to ask, what consequences can be expected from this decision?

JohnLegally, the supreme court has decided that laws no longer have meaning which means that laws are arbitrary and we no longer live under the rule of law which was established about 400 years ago. This essentially is where the Roman Empire was just before its collapsed as the emperors became arbitrary and tyrannical. What this means for the individual as the group is that we cannot trust the written laws to mean what they say.  

Socially, this means that the fundamental construct of human society is now loosely associate in fact by bare threads. What once was stable society held together by a strong fabric of God fearing people has been changed by costumed individuals playing God.  If the family wasn't already on death's door, it is certainly in the coffin now. What does this mean for the future? It means chaos and anarchy for social reality.

Religiously, it means that the state now will work very hard to shut down any religion that contradicts the dictates of the state. Which is essentially is where we were 200 years ago. So, we have gone from tyranny to liberty to corruption back to tyranny.

Ultimately, we have moved from a nation that trusted God to a nation that leans on its own whims. The covenant we made founding this country has been broken and now we will pay the price for our folly. It will be the most devastating, destructive and terrifying upheaval since the fall of the Roman Empire in Europe.

What will come out on the other end side of this is any one's guess, it may not be the country we once lived in nor be a country at all.  God is going to the only thing He can do once a society codifies sodomy into law and that is wipe it out.

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