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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heaven vs Hell ~ The Difference in these 'Eternities'

Me ~ A lot of people wonder what heaven is, how would you describe it?

John ~ The place where God is, a place where everything possible, a place where all relationships are as they were meant to be.  And a place that is coming to earth one day.

Me ~ A lot of people wonder then what hell is...

John ~ Absolutely the opposite of the above. Where you are alone forever knowing that there will never be joy, hope, life, purpose and love. It is the absence of God.

Me ~ How do you know that people who end up in hell will be there alone?

John ~ If you live your life for yourself, you get to spend eternity by yourself. He loves you enough and respects your choice to give you what you want.

Me ~ Well, you have explained then the differences between these eternities. Do you think that people who end up in hell will be happy with their choice?

Me ~ Well, I think I could answer that myself -  No. Simply, we are social creations and without social interaction we are unhappy. However, without social interaction, we could just fade away into non-reality.  And, in saying that, how could people who end up in hell know that they are even there or anywhere; and that they will never have any hope, joy, life or purpose? Wouldn't they become a void, a non existent?

John ~ Our sense of self once created can never be taken away. So...wouldn't this be a torturous place for human beings who happen to be social creatures? That is why it is 'hell'! You might argue that upon death we all become voids... at least an atheist would think that. However, neither you nor I am not that, an atheist. Given that I/we believe we have been created by the Creator of Heaven and Earth and of all things seen and unseen, who in His creating us gave us free will, we are faced even in the end with a choice to make. Upon making that choice, we either then exist in heaven or hell. You see, I am still talking about relationships - the social reality. In heaven, we still can exist in a social relationship  ~ with God. Yet, by not choosing to be with Him, existence in hell is a torture because no one is there, because He is not there. Where He is everyone should be.

Proverbs 5:15-21 ~ A Message to Husbands Everywhere!

"Drink water from your own well - share your love only with your wife. Why spill the water of your springs in the streets, having sex with just anyone? You should reserve it for yourselves. Never share it with strangers. let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. She is a loving deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts satisfy you always. May you always be captivated by her love. Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman, or fondle the breasts of a promiscuous woman? For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes". Proverbs 5:15-21

"The Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took on of the man's ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then, the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man and he brought her to the man. The man said, "this is now the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman.... for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh." Genesis 2:22-25

"A man must love his wife as he loves himself"... Ephesians 5:33

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Big Bang ~ Let there be Light

Me ~ Why do so many scientists want to embrace the idea that man and all God's creation came about because of some singularity?

John ~  That is a good question. I think that scientists want to embrace this idea of the Big Bang as the beginning of the universe and ultimately man's beginning because it makes them comfortable with their anti- God stance which is the denial or rejection of  man's sinful nature. To say it a bit different, scientists would like to embrace something other than the Big Bang as it makes them uncomfortable with having to have a potential first cause; thus, they would prefer avoiding a higher moral authority. Moreover, it is the end of their research for one thing. It does not fit well with their 'is no God' paradigm. Some speculate that there was the end of one universe which thus begot another universe = ours... sort of a looping. There is no way to prove that. They ~ 'scientists' ~ create an imagery beginning to compete with the beginning that they don't like - that God created the heaven and earth and everything in it, all things seen and unseen. 

Me ~ Well, now this leads us into the discussion about evolution vs. creationism. What argument can you offer for creationism refuting those who think that man evolved from apes?

John ~ Another good question. I just read an excellent blog that I will use here to answer that and save both of us a lot of time today, since we have a dinner party to attend later this afternoon. While that is true, I just want to add that there never was time when I thought that what I heard in school was as convincing as what I or anyone can read in the Bible. God said "Let there be Light" Genesis! "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." John 1-5  Nothing I have read in Scripture that violates scientific fact as opposed to theory. For example, in the book of Job, we read that the earth is round and hanging in space with nothing under it. This was written long before Moses and yet all contemporary civilizations: Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks -  a Titan God believed the earth was being held up something or animals. Yet, Job is clear that the earth hangs in emptiness with nothing around it which contradicted the view of all civilizations of the time, but that is what we know to be true today. Why is this possible, unless God had told Job. I am not anti-science, I pro God who gave us means to discover Him and His creation, that is science for me.

I recommend reading this blog by Rob Skiba "Seed the Series" by Rob Skiba ~

Evolutionists say that billions of years ago an infinitely small, highly condensed dot called the "singularity" exploded and everything that exists came out of it. Seriously? Who created the dot?? And since when does an explosion create anything so orderly and complex as this amazing universe - or one single strand of DNA?
DNA? Oh, well that happened when lightning struck some slime in a primordial ocean and fused amino acids together. Really!?? Wow. So, if the earth was a molten blob of plasma that began to cool, where did the water come from? That kind of heat should have prevented any moisture from ever developing into OCEANS! It would have all evaporated (which implies that it existed to begin with!). And where did the amino acids that supposedly were the foundation of life come from?
How do we get life from non-living material? Frankenstein-style Electricity is the answer? OK, so since DNA contains the "information" - the genetic codes - that make life develop into whatever form it takes, then after lighting turned that acid into DNA, that one strand would had to have had the genetic blue-print to create ALL life - plant, fish, reptile, bird, animal, man, etc.. I mean the information has to come from somewhere. And since all of life supposedly evolved out of this incident, the information to do so had to have been present in that first DNA molecule. That's a serious miracle! Oops! That's a religious word. Sorry.
A theory should be testable. So, go to your local GNC store, buy some complex amino acid and start zapping it with electricity. See what happens. And even if by some miracle you do create a strand of DNA from your experiment, you have to remember that you went to a store and bought the building blocks to do so! You just can not escape the "God Component" of the equation. Anyway...
According to the Theory of Evolution, lightning activated amino-slime became DNA that turned into a single-cell organism. That ONE organism floated to the bottom of the primordial ocean floor. What did it eat? I don't know, but eventually, it got sick of sitting there so it jumped up and evolved into a fish! What did the fish eat? I mean, it was SUCH a MIRACLE that one lighting bolt created life from non-living material in the first place, now you're going to tell me that the same thing happened again so that these creatures can eat? But once it eats, then what? You only had one!
Just go back and start asking yourself these types of questions anytime you hear or read anything about evolution, and you will quickly realize how ridiculous the whole thing really is. But let's continue...
So that fish supposedly swam around for millions of years. How did it live that long? It didn't? It mated and produced offspring? Mated with who? Oh, wow, more miracles needed! OK. Go on. Then one day it decided to see what land was like. Do fish really think like that? So, it evolved legs out of fins and walked onto the land! How did it breath? Oh the gills magically disappeared and the fish went from breathing water to breathing air. Hmmmm. OK. Go on.
Once on land, over millions of years it grew from a tiny lizard-like creature into the giant T-Rex! Wow! Cool! Then as a result of comets and climate change, T-Rex eventually evolved into a bird. What!??? A bird??? Yep. A bird.
So let me get this straight. A fish got tired of water and climbed out on land and grew into a dinosaur. Then those massive land reptiles got sick of the land and shed their scales for feathers, jumped up and started to fly, turning themselves into tiny birds? And that's science???
No matter how you look at it, I can't believe this sort of thing is even taken seriously. But this is college level "education" folks!! Scary. And what's worse is people pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper that authorizes them to pass this crap along to the next generation!
People actually believe this stuff, because in essence, it truly is a religion. And the god of this religion is called, "Science." Thus, we have another god at war with the One True God. It is a Theory of Chaos and Chance vs Intelligent Design. And because there is so much evidence for Intelligent Design, many Evolutionists have adopted the idea of Panspermia: the theory that life here must have been "seeded" by life that came from elsewhere. Great. All that does is push the problem further out into space. But the questions and issues remain. For anyone interested in exploring this further, I recommend you check out the movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.
To me, this whole idea of Evolution is absolutely absurd. To them, Creationist theories and Biblical explanations are equally absurd. So, while we are all speculating and being absurd, let me throw in another theory concerning T-Rex and other bipedal dinos like him. As I mentioned above, I believe God did create the large, plant eating dinosaurs. God called it the "chief of all He created." Next to man, it was the champion - the most impressive creature walking the planet. God was proud of it! So, what did the Devil do? True to form, I believe he created - or I should say, genetically engineered - a counterfeit. A T-Rex - the King Dinosaur - master of the terrible lizards.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Genesis Man

My Super Brainy Husband = A Genesis Man???

  brainy humor ~

When I first described my husband in the caption header on this blog, he was called a Genesis man.

Since then, I have been wanting to come back to that label I put upon him. Firstly, it captures who he really is by letting you know who he is not. He is not a Renaissance Man, nor a Post Modern Man, nor a Millennium Man, or a Secular Man.  He is the kind of man that Adam was; created in God's image, given dominion over the earth and all the animals, given a partner (taken from his rib) to care for and love and defend.  I like to think that the phrase 'taken from 'his' Adam's rib is a way to describe the kind of partner I am...well suited, of the same mind, body and soul. A partner who was given by God just for him and no one else. There are plenty of Adam and Eve jokes out there about the good, bad and ugly relations between Adam and Eve. Thankfully, there are some that are simple fun jokes that make you laugh at life and the relationship between a man and a wife.

I think of my husband as a Genesis man, the beginning of my world, the 'real' one that God had designed for me all along. Not one of my own design. That is the key. All too often men and women choose the wrong partner because they don't let God direct them to the one he has so perfectly designed for them. ;-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Legitimacy of the Bible ~ The Word of God!

Me ~ As you know or have heard recently, there is again the debate about the legitimacy of the Bible being the Word of God. Maybe, it is just about what you believe in. What do you say?

John ~ The Bible is a document that has been well persevered and well protected over thousands of years of its existence. The Old Testament is so persevered, there is little or almost no serious discrepancy between the original Hebrew and the English translation. It is one hundred percent legitimate. One does not have to depend on faith to accept the Bible as a legitimate historical document. Archeological discoveries have been reinforcing the Biblical narrative. As far as a supernatural document it also has complete legitimacy. The Bible has made very specific future prediction about events that have happened exactly the way it said they would. This is evidence that this document is inspired by an intelligence outside of time and space. It is not from a source in our reality. It comes from somewhere outside of our time and space realty. It is thus, God's word to humanity. Any contradiction that critics say the Bible has is due to incorrect readings, taken out of context or misunderstanding the nature of the document. For example, The Gospels render the ministry of Jesus in different ways. In some places, it seems there is a contradiction being made. When in fact, it is simply reporting the same event from different perspectives and stressing different aspects of it.

Me ~ Today, I heard on the radio a scientist stating that we don't need God to arrive at the idea of an entity of higher intelligence being the source of mankind, in effect... alien God. Thus, we don't have to accept the Bible as written by a mysterious creator. We just have to accept that the Bible relates man's first encounter with this kind of intelligence.

John ~ As I just said, the Bible provides predictions that were made thousands years before they happened; unless, the intelligence exists outside of our space time continuum. How could it have inspired numerous writers, differing writers, over thousands of years, none of them in contradiction with each other? So, you could call this intelligence whatever you want, but only God could do that.

Me ~ What is the key message of the Bible?

John ~ The key message is that there is a God who created everything. His attributes are: love, justice, mercy/grace, and creativity; and, this God made man in His exact image to partner with Him in relationship for eternity.  In the process, man chose to go his own way. But God, knew this would happen and prepared a way to rescue mankind from himself and bring him back into that relationship, conquering evil at the same time.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What does it mean to be a Man, a Husband and Father?

Me ~ What does it mean to be a man, husband and father?

John ~ Man is the conduct between God's authority and my family. That puts me in the unique position of being accountable to God for those people in my family. They have to trust that accountability so that they can fulfill the roles that God has placed them in. The role of man being one of gender is probably the most confused and cause of the most of the problems in our society today. Because, most men, don't have a connection to God.

Me ~ Why is that? How did that connection get broken?

John ~ We know from scripture that the first man disobeyed God, turning authority on its head.He basically put the woman in charge of himself and blamed her for his own failing. Don't we see that in all these broken families where the man has abrogated his authority as the leader of his family. Nothing has changed.Most wives and children want 'dad/husband' to lead.

Me ~ How can man break this what seems to be a pattern of disconnect?

John ~ I think going back and going connecting to God is primary. That will help everyone to get back into proper alignment for families. Everyone fulfills their role the way that God intended then we can repair the damage that has been done and restore the family's place and function in our society.

Me ~ So what can men do and women in fact?

John ~ That is a good question. Women must be instrumental in helping their husbands get back to the place of authority.  They can do this not by taking over or taking charge but by their desire to lean on him for the spiritual authority of the family and first authority when decisions regarding family life need to be made.  Feminism counters that by saying that women should not trust men as an authority as they would be abusive and fail to fulfill and or take away the freedom of women. Freedom is found best when their is order and proper roles are followed based on God's design of the family. Men can start taking on the responsibility that they are designed to do. Which does not mean to be a kind of dictator. A family works together for harmony and to help each other grow. But, men need to asserting their responsibility by first connecting to God in an intimate way so that they better fulfill the role in the family. Any authority that acts outside of God usually becomes a despotism. When that is rejected by those under it, you have the collapse of the entire system. Which is what we have seen in  the family in the last fifty years.  Financial provision by the husband/father is not enough. The man has to have an emotional connection to his family. He has to look to God for his guidance, so that you can be there for your family when they need you. My providing a house/home and money is all I need to do as in fulfilling my responsibility is not true.

Me ~ I agree. However, I think that society has rejected that role of men and put women in jeopardy as well encouraging them to look to the State rather than a man/husband. Which also encourages them to look at themselves as victims of men and thus, they don't need men. So, I think that men have a very difficult job asserting their role today. Such a social obstacle is becoming enormous. Is there any way that men can overcome it?

John ~ Answering the first part of your question. The result of generations of single moms raising boys has resulted in boys never becoming men. The result is that these boys still act like boys and if they marry they want their wives to be like mom. They live in perpetual boyhood. So, women have to take up the roles of: mother, father, husband and wife. This creates a vicious cycle. In regards to the second part of your question, men have to return to God as their authority. They have to stop pursuing money and security, power and wealth.  By doing so, God will lead them to restore the line of authority. When a husband treats his wife the way God asks him to most women will respond positively.

Me ~ I agree with most of your answer; however, it does not seem to be able to resolve the cycle already in place (women taking up the many roles mentioned above). Why? I know that women firstly look for security in a husband which includes in their ability to provide. How can women trust that the man will do this if they 'men' do not appear to be pursuing security? 

John ~ Most of the time, men are off pursuing worldly goods and that becomes their entire life. We see far more men putting in long days at work having no time for their family and wives. Women make the same mistake that men do looking to material things as their security. Jesus has to be the source of all our provision. He promises to do just that if we look to Him and not at ourselves. 

Me ~ My advice for women and it would seem to be yours is that when seeking a husband as the 'man' in their life and one as the potential father of their children, they look for a Godly man, a man who understands and respects God's design. Money, wealth, power and position will never be enough for them if that is what they consider the better attributes in a man.

John ~ Yes! Security and provision ...all comes from God. As a man, I have to rely on Him and women need to understand this too. God is their first provider, man is not the ultimate source of their happiness. Anything else is idolatry.  A woman should never put material things, worldly things first... then she creates idols. A man does the same when he puts things before God. Men and women as husbands and wives should and can work together as one in their relationship with God.

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Husband is a Godly Man

Ephesians 5:22-33 tells wives and husbands how to live and be in a Godly relationship. I am really happy to submit to my husband for he is a Godly man. "The husband 'He' is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church... The church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands... Husbands love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word and to present her to himself as a radiant church without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish. Husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself...For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

God's Not Dead! ~ He's Truly Alive!

Me ~ Did you like the movie "God's Not Dead"?

John ~ Yeah, it was a very good movie, it was exceptional all around: the acting, the script, the acting. It was the Good News presented in modern context. There was excellent apologetic reasoning, good witnessing about the power of the Holy Spirit - healing, and discussion among believers who were unevenly yoked in marriage and or a relationship. It touched on so many current subjects important to today's Christians and especially spoke to those who have doubts (as most of the class) or were new to it as we saw with the Chinese student for example. He was a virgin and swept up by it which was absolutely beautiful.

Me ~ In the movie, there was touched upon the often asked question "why do bad things happen or why does evil exist in the world, how would you answer that?"

John ~ I would answer the same way the young man in the movie did. He could have embellished but he gave a straight forward answer which is that there exists absolutes of good and evil.

Me ~ Does that mean that we cannot know good without evil? We cannot in fact know ourselves without bad things happening as it was demonstrated by the Professor's character in his relation with his mother. The Professor's problem was that by denying the bad thing that happened in his life, he lost sight of himself. Am I right?

John ~ Yes and No. I don't accept the dualist idea that evil must exist. Evil is the absence of substance.Evil is the result of bad choices based on ignorance. It is not something that gives wisdom. Satan 'serpent' told Eve that it would. That is not true. Evil is a consequence of choice. C.S. Lewis wrote that we inherently know what we ought to do, this was embedded in our divine nature. However, in this fallen world, we have to remember that evil came into the Garden because of bad choice.
Me ~ So, you are saying that evil did not have to happen. Are you saying that God knew the odds that evil was a possibility, that it would happen? 

John ~ Yes. Otherwise, we would live in a deterministic universe where nothing is left to chance. In that universe, there can be no free will. Therefore, there was always a chance that evil would appear.

Me ~ We can't make the right the choice unless evil is an option, right?

John ~ Choice and ignorance make evil possible. It is a natural result of free will . For example, if I forced my wife to marry, is she my wife, does she love me? Probably not. Most people don't want to be married to someone who does not love them. In the same way, God wants us to love him out of choice, free will, not a coercion. Part of the reason why God seems hard to find, is that it has to take some level of effort on our part. It takes effort to purse the relationships just as women would enjoy a man pursuing them out of interest. It demonstrates how much interest. Are you really interested in me or pretending? In human relationships we have this pursuit required to demonstrate the level of interest and sincerity. In the same way, God wants us to pursue him. By sending his son, he demonstrated his love through sacrifice. Now, it is our turn to demonstrate our love, if we are interested.

There is another aspect to the problem of evil which is an obstacle for people. If He created it or allowed it, is He not the ultimate source of evil. This one trips up a lot of people. It basically... why do bad things happen to good people. First, we have to get rid of false assumptions that God can create evil. A perfectly good God can't do such a thing. The second thing is that we have to leave behind the idea that there are good people. The third thing is that, everything we think of as bad is not necessarily bad and not everything we think of as good is necessarily good. What God sees is often the reverse.Often times God uses evil to accomplish good ends and defeat evil at the same time.

Therefore, God can use evil but that does not mean that he created it. We created it through choice and God knew that would likely happen because He created us with free will. Which means evil had to come from somewhere else. That somewhere else was individual choice.  And it still is today. To answer the second assumption, often times what we think is bad in our lives is actually a force for good in developing our character. The easy street in life that we think is good can be bad for us because it does not result in character development. In the end, character development is what God is most concerned about in our lives. That goes as far as to answer the third assumption ...what is bad can be used for good.

Sometimes, bad things do happen such as earthquakes and accidents that result in the death of loved ones. It is important to remember that none of these things would be affecting our lives had not humanity fallen from its perfect relationship with God at the very beginning. So evil, is a natural consequence of human choice. If God were to stop evil from ever happening, humanity could not exist. God uses evil for good. What is that good? The good, is that there will be created beings that will become His eternal family.

However,because of the first bad choice (Adam and Eve both guilty), sin entered the world. Because of that, death and evil are tied because of sin. Thus, death is the only way to overcome evil in this world. Which means, embedded in evil is its own doom, its own expiration. Jesus Christ came into the world to tell us that there is salvation; that death is not the end. People that choose to be saved will inherit the Kingdom, which is the right choice, and they will have eternal life. God's plan all along which is the best result. All things work together for good. So, God is not dead, He is truly alive and because of Him, so are we!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

God Can Use our Bad Choices for Good ~ Better to Wait on Him

Me ~ I was thinking about that movie "End of the Spear" and I thought to myself "why didn't those missionaries wait, ask God if they should go it alone or get additional help; after all, Nate's sister Rachel knew the language of the Waodani and she had one of the female members living with her that could have acted as a liaison. I just think it was a bad choice on their part and sadly they lost their lives. Interestingly, in the end, God did use their bad choice for good as the wives went into the jungle with the sister and female member and they made contact eventually transforming the tribe. What do you think?

John ~  Waiting to hear God's voice or see Him move in us is so imperative based on my experiences. I have so many examples when I moved alone and the results could have been catastrophic. When God moved on my behalf, events were blessed. This does not mean we should sit around and wait on God for everything. We have to eat and do things like go to work but when it comes to especially significant events, God has a plan. It clearly says in the Bible, "For I know the plans I have for you... plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11. God knows his best for you and he has designed each of us for a specific kind of life.

Once we learn to trust God, we can get through our day or any event in our lives, situations; and, know that he will show us and lead us. He opens doors and closes doors and He wants us to do things that we are naturally good at or things we did not know we were good at and discover. We may not know that until He sends us or gives us that experience. It is so easy to leap ahead, to be proactive out of impatience. We think God is along with us for the ride and He will make it all work out. However, God has His own timing. There are moments in the Bible that reveal that truth to us. We read about them and see and know that He is orchestrating everything. He can even bring things back, he can restore years that have been lost through bad choices.

Yet, I think it would be better to wait on God and His timing; instead of living acting out in fear. This is not the mind of God. He wants us to have the mind of Christ. Jesus was not late, nor early nor in doubt  nor impatient. That is the kind of mind we should have. Jesus had things to do and family but he put hearing God's voice first. He would go away and spend time with God to hear his Father and then He would act. We need to go up to our mountain, spend time listening to and hearing the Father, to know and hear his voice. Look back on how many times things happened that were great and reflect on that. Every prayer that I prayed for like having a wife, family, home and all have been answered down to the detail. But, it took nearly twenty + years. I was doing what I wanted, I was not waiting on Him. I was going about my life and maybe that is why it took so long. We can read about people in the Bible who acted on their own and things almost caused catastrophe; like Jonah who almost sunk a ship because he didn't listen.

Another good example is Abraham, who during the drought instead of staying in the promised land, he went to Egypt, fear drove him. He lied to Pharaoh and almost lost his wife because of that. He acted on fear and not faith. We can hear many stories like that. We don't like sitting still, we like moving and doing. The slow boring times, may be for listening. We are supposed to be listening and waiting on God. Paul who spent many years after he was dramatically saved, sat around making tents. He wondered did God forget me. One day, God said time to Paul get up and go. And he did. But prior to that Paul had to wait. It may be that he needed time to become humble. He was already a proud man and meeting Jesus as he did might have made him arrogant ...Paul needed time to cool his heels. And, there are many other examples.

God gives us as many years and breaths as we need to accomplish His will and that is OK. We need to simply put our lives in the hands of Jesus even when things seem to be closing in. Psalm 23 tells me that even as I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I shall not be afraid. Sometimes, we have to walk through our own shadows of the valley of death to hear the voice of God in order to not be afraid. As fear drives us we cannot be the individuals that God wants us to be and He knows that we will be happy being that individual.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Freely Received and Freely Given

We watched the quasi-documentary film "The End of the Spear" this weekend. It is film about a group of Christian missionaries that take their families into Ecuador to find a primitive group called the Waodani. In the film, we are introduced to one of the families. We see a closeness between a father 'Nate' and son 'Steve'. We meet Steve, age five years, who says goodbye to his dad Nate (one of the missionaries), as he is about to fly his Piper Cruiser plane with four other missionaries into the jungles of Ecuador. They want to make contact with the most dangerous tribe known to man, the Waodani (whoa-DONNY) also known as “Auca,” or naked savage. After several months of exchanging gifts with the natives, the five men were speared multiple times and hacked to death with machetes. One of the men in the tribe that fateful day was Mincaye (min-KY-yee). Two years late, Steve went into the jungle with his mother and his Aunt who worked to continue the missionary task their husbands set out to do. Steve met his father's killer, though at the time did not know who or which member of the tribe was responsible for Nate's death. Years later, Steve learned that Mincaye actually delivered the final spear that ultimately killed his father. That Waodani tribe did experience a transformation through Christan missionary intervention. Because of that, Steve and Mincaye consider themselves family and harbor no resentment. Steve says that even though he has never forgotten the pain and heartache of losing his dad he can’t imagine not loving Mincaye, a man who has adopted him as his own. This film should have a profound effect in anyone who watches it. It is about the giving of one's life not the taking of life. It is about redemption, it is about bringing people out of darkness and into the light, and freedom from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul explains the true source of all freedom: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" 2 Cor 3:17.  I can imagine that there are people out there that think bringing the 'light' as I called it to primitive people is nonsense, it is imposing our culture on theirs so that we can benefit. That is both true and not true. It is true because we as Christians do benefit when we convert non-believers and not true because it is not the benefiting that is ours. It is theirs. Every man, no matter how civilized or primitive wants to be free. Free from worry, free from strife, free from danger,hunger, and free from sin!
        If you want true freedom, draw closer to God and He will transform you into a Holy son or daughter. Holiness is not a list of rules. Holiness is to be completely possessed by the Spirit of God and to have the freedom to wake up every morning and to step out into the world knowing that you can do anything you want to because you have a transformed mind that is completely in line with the will of the Creator of the Universe. ~ Peter Goodgame
The truth of that the cycle of violence those people lived and were locked into for generations was pointless and in fact determintal to the survival of their culture. The missionaries wanted to liberate them from that to  end that violent culture and give them life more abundantly. That was the message of Jesus Christ. This was the message that the missionaries brought to Mincaye and his group in Ecuador.
I think all too often we as civilized people look back with a nostalgia at these primitive cultures... living wild and of their own know-how. We think that they are free and tend to put them on a pedestal as a noble race of men. Yet, many primitive groups (including native Americans) were incredibly violent and enslaved to that. The Aztec and Mayans, were ripping the hearts out of people sacrificed on an ongoing basis. The Spanish who were hardly noble themselves did end that and took away that culture of death. Missionaries can be flawed and not always have altruistic motives; however, God's word of freedom gives all people a chance to live more abundantly and without violence, this was story "End of the Spear".

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Do you Belive in?

Me ~ What do you believe in?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe that the only purpose that we are here is to glorify God by our existence 'being' and to evolve into the beings that God always saw us as.
Me ~ Are you a creationist?
Brainy Husband ~ Yes, I am a progressive creationist. The world is old and mankind is new. The planet is many millions of years old as God prepared it for the placement of humanity. But man on Earth is anywhere from 100,000 to only 15,000 years olde. The Bible does not give exact dates and years and thus it appears that traditional biblical dating does not match with the scientific evidence. Plus the "days" of Genesis are clearly long ages of time and not literal 24 periods. We know this by the Hebrew word used for "day". However mankind has been civilized much longer than many think. The great flood is concurrent with the end of the last ice age: about 14 to 12,000 years ago. For instance, the Sphinx is much older than what traditional science, namely Egyptologists, say. I am not a young earth creationist. The facts do not fit. There was a much more technologically advanced world prior to the flood than existed up to our current day.
Me ~ What evidence of that do you adhere too?
Brainy Husband ~ We look at the stories of higher civilizations that disappeared with the great deluge. They were created by technology that we don't have today. For instance, the foundation stones at Baalbek in Syria are enormous cut stones that no crane in the world today could move and place them. And that is but one example.We know the ancient Greeks and Romans had the knowledge of steam and computational devices, passed down by what appears to be a greater earlier civilization. The tradition of an advanced destroyed civilization is found in cultures world-wide.
Me ~ Mmmm, well then, I have to ask...You say that you believe in a Creator, as in God. Do you mean that such a Creator is some kind of cosmic 'alien' God that has intervened in human progress, or put us here or even copulated with primitives here thus planting in us some image of them into primitive DNA?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe in a Creator God that is a singularity who is the upholder of everything that what we see and experience and all exists in his imagination. He exists outside of time and space and consists of infinite creativity, imagination, purpose and love.
All the aspects that make us human are reflections of that being -  that personal consciousness. Our universe is a holographic constructed simulation running whereby we, as his creations, are allowed to evolve into what he is developing into his children.
Me ~ How does any of what you say follow traditional Christianity or the Bible?
Brainy Husband ~ My perspective is gained from a literal interpretation of the Holy Scripture and extra- biblical documents referred to by the the scriptures themselves and corroborating evidence of modern scientific discovery. The bible is clearly a document inspired by a consciousness that exists outside of time or the many many prophecies it contains would never have happened.
 Me ~ What does man gain by your perspective?
Brainy Husband ~ Man gains his purpose in the cosmos not only as a race but as individuals, and has explanations for life as to the purpose of life which is for us through Him. It gives us confidence and hope that our God 'Creator' loves us so much that the difficulties in our life, have us move closer to him with the hope and knowledge that the world He determined for us He will deliver us to.
Me ~ Yes, but does man need God to think like that? An atheist could argue the same by saying that "man gains his purpose in the cosmos through science which gives confidence and hope that he can create a better world which will be his forever.
Brainy Husband ~  He can but it is a lie. Humanity is broken, humanity is incapable of creating a better world because, of our fallen nature. Those that do not know God cannot create the world that they want to live in because they are inherently corrupt and broke. Man, in his trying to create a better world, will find a loop of constantly attempting to create that which he desires and fail over and over again. History is that loop. A long succession of failure after failure. Such a loop that will continue forever. The only way to achieve a better world even that the atheist dreams of is only possible for man when he dies to this world ...the corrupt program. He leaves this world which is corrupt by sin and is uploaded to a higher level a higher program.
Me ~ In such a program, this corrupt program, the Bible certainly has a purpose, its a guide to get through it, right?
Brainy Husband ~ Yes.
Me ~ The Bible has many guidelines for social relationships. What is God's social hierarchy for men and women as in husbands and wives?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe that most people have a problem with the word submit because they don't understand the context in regards to the husband wife relationship. It is clear that this submission that the Bible talks about is not one is not dictatorial but spiritual that essentially woman taken from Man's rib to be under his protection and love. She was not taken from his foot to be trampled nor taken from his head to be boss over him. But like children there is a proper line of authority in a home (dad, mom and children) and the same line of authority exists with God's family: God, man as husband and woman as wife and then the children. Anything else generates chaos and social disorder  as it leads to corruption of the family unit which is the foundation of any civilization.