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The Analyst
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eliminating Evil in the World!

Me ~ Given today's events, so many people, Christians and non- Christians, are screaming to eliminate evil in the world. Is that possible?

John ~ First, let me say that my heart goes out to all those who have been hurt by recent events. There is no reason to lay blame or labels, this is a corrupt world. It has been since the Fall of Mankind. Now, the question, can we or God eliminate evil in the world? Probably more people would want me to address the question, if there is a God why does evil happen or why does he let it happen?

As His creation, I cannot suppose to know His mind or the potential of His mind in the world (this corrupted version). What I can say is what I imagine a great creator would be faced with: actual and potential evil. So, let us work with that since we understand through physics as in quantum applications of how things are as in 'actual' and are possible as in 'potential'.

Eliminating evil in the world as it would be with eliminating anything would mean that you have to rid the world all actual evil and all potential evil. So, in fact, that could very well mean eliminating 'you' or anybody as we all have within us potential for evil. God's way as I imagine a great creator would do (I can imagine that being His creation) would be to grant free will and let creation choose to reject evil.  Therefore, on does not need to destroy the entire creation to eliminate evil.

Me ~ Amen! All things are possible with God Mark 10:27 and everything is permissible but not beneficial. 1COR 10:23

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