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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Freedom in Christ

Me ~ Many people today think that Christianity is about submission and it requires a person to be enslaved to an unknown entity that only wants to be glorified. However, that is far from the truth.  How would you answer their question which is really about freedom? What does it means "freedom in Christ"?

John ~ It means connecting your mind to God and that does not mean you are submerging your identity to or in Him, you are linking to an infinite intelligence with infinite ability. I am not sure we can understand that, but it is greater than anything we can imagine. Connecting with God means we free our mind, our soul and spirit by becoming one with Christ who is God. By doing so we open ourselves to infinite possibility, we actually free ourselves to greater potential. More than we could ever have in this world of finite limitations.

God is not a finite person, He is infinite having infinity knowledge, insights, potential, creativity... why would anyone in his/her right mind refuse that.

Me ~ I think that they as in non believers are describing what you describe as being possible here... they think that they just have to discover the means to do get that kind of infinite knowledge here and now.  Perhaps, that is why we can see developing the trans-humanist agenda. Do you agree?

John ~ I think that the trans-humanist agenda is evidence that human beings see themselves as limited in this world. They recognize that there is a greater reality than here and they seek to escape it - the cycle of  futility that we surly see/experience in this world and our lives. Unfortunately, one does not attain infinity through finite means. We have to allow God to plug into us. He made us and individually He knows what is best for us. Why would I settle for anything less than the best for me which only He knows.

Me ~ So, how do we plug in to God or allow God to plug into us?

John ~ Through His Son - Jesus. Asking Jesus to come into us, into our hearts and mind.

Me ~ People are scared. They think that if God were really out there, then we would not die. Maybe that is why they don't allow God to plug in.

John ~ Death is the means by which God keeps evil from over running the world. You have only so many years to be evil. We cannot have eternal life until evil is conquered. Jesus came to bring us life and he is coming again to put an end to evil.  Would you want Hitler's living forever? Death is God's favor to us in the fallen state that we are in.

Me ~ What is the resurrection? Will we be resurrected?

John ~ Everyone will be resurrected. Some will be resurrected to eternal life and some to eternal separation from God.

Me ~ Essentially, then everyone who believes in Jesus is free indeed!

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36 and also what we can read in Galatians 5 - Freedom in Christ ~ "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery".

"Do not put your trust in princes or mortal men who cannot save." Psalm 146:3

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Living in an Anti-Christ World ~ Lucifer's Fall

Me ~ So many people ask me if this world was created by God, then why do bad things happen. I tell them it is because we live in a fallen world. Then they ask what do I mean by that since we are supposed treasure God's creation here and now?

John ~ It is all God's creation, this fallen world does not take away from God. The people He assigned to rule over His creation rebelled against Him. The creation is subjected to futility in sin. Because, when those who were given authority fell the creation also fell and it suffers just as we do. Though it has beauty to it, it is clearly a fallen world and not what God intended it to be. Nature groans waiting for restoration. Nature will be raised up with us and restored; nature and man and the fallen angels are symbiotically interconnected. Nature reflects our spiritual state, it depends on us; you cannot separate the two.When mankind is restored and nature as well as we will be given authority over it again, God's design. However, the fallen angels will be thrown into the lake of fire and those who have chosen to reject Christ.

Me ~ So, are you saying that since the fall we have been living in an anti-Christ World or just a fallen world? and Who was Lucifer? He is 'Satan'?

John ~ We have been living in a fallen world since then and since Jesus died, the spirit of anti-Christ has been growing in this world by our rejecting Christ and slipping into the lullaby murmur of the anti-Christ. Let me say though, we don't know if this cherub 'angel' was actually named 'Lucifer' but the Bible intimates in one verse that this is so. And, therefore, we don't build doctrine on one verse. We do know that this cherub was the greatest creation of God. It was given vast authority over His creation. It was even the leader of worship of God. This cherub 'angel', was incredibly beautiful and powerful. But at some point, this cherub sinned and saw itself as God. And, convinced one third of all other beings of the universe to join him in a rebellion. This rebellion caused the universe to suffer.In fact, it is likely that the earth was left desolate because of this revolt. So, Genius 1 does not describe the creation of the planet earth but its restoration.

In response, God replaced this one and all fallen beings with a new creation called 'mankind' = man. It was this new creation's task to take authority over God's creation 'universe' and to turn His universe into a garden. Unfortunately, mankind joined up this fallen cherub and his minions in rebellion and handed over their authority to the cherub = dark angel. At that moment, the Garden of Eden was removed and mankind had to live in a fallen nature. And, has ever since and still does.

So, this fallen cherub this dark angel often referred to as 'Lucifer' is the god of this world. Jesus even called him that. In fact, this god had the authority to hand over or turn over this world to Jesus if Jesus would worship him. Jesus refused the offer (in the wildness when Jesus was being tested). By refusing that offer, Jesus was able to take away the authority from 'Lucifer' and return that authority to God which was Himself.  However, the world still languishes in a fallen state and so does mankind; yet, those accept spiritual rebirth through Jesus Christ will be raised to an incorruptible state of being one day soon. And nature with them. Then the world will no longer be fallen.

Me ~ Can we call this world today, an anti-Christ world? I mean we see so many people rejecting Jesus as their Savior and God the Father.

John ~ Yes, as I said earlier, since Jesus died there has been a rising spirit of anti-Christ which is the spirit against God. Why? Because, this fallen cherub still clings to the authority he had, and won't relinquish it or have it taken from his hands 'ripped' from his hands until the Battle of Armageddon and along with all the other fallen angels. As we approach that battle, in the last seven years of this current age, this cherub will raise up a counterfeit Christ to steal mankind away from God. Many will be deceived as the anti-Christ spirit will materialize into a specific individual and this individual is to be called the 'Beast' or Anti-Christ. Both terms describe the nature of this individual. The term beast describes its literal inhumanity. And, anti-Christ describes its spiritual state. It is anti-God. Fortunately, this individual rules over the earth for a very short span of years before God returns and restores Himself to leadership and we with Him.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Multi-Dimensioinality of God

Me ~ We talked once before about the multiverse. I want to talk now a little about the multidimensional aspect of God. I know that a lot of Christians and people who are not Christians have a problem with or wonder how Jesus Christ forgave sin once and for all at the cross which means in every multiverse.  For the lay person, can you elaborate on that?

John ~ Imagine drawing a line from one end of paper to another this represents time as we experience it. In order from a to b to c stretching from end to another end in a single direction.a series of moments each moment is a discreet existence of time. Now imagine a being that can exist outside of time and within time imagine that Christ could exist in one single moment eternally. Or experience eternity in one single moment so that each person whoever lived could be atoned. He could suffer the punishment for every person that ever lived... He Christ could experience that moment eternally on the cross for every person that ever lived because of His hyper-dimensional nature.

Me ~ Ok, you mean let's imagine drawing a line from one end of a sheet of paper to another and then crossing that line with another from one end of the paper to the other...making a plus a 'cross'. Therefore, Christ's act of sacrifice would essentially be eternal in that moment of time, suffer the eternal punishment for every person that ever lived in one moment of time due to His hyper-dimensional nature.

John ~ Yes!

Me ~ I love the story in Mark when Jesus fed the 4,000. Many people can't imagine this event as something that could actually happen. Given what you said about Christ being hyper-dimensional, then I suppose it was possible.

John ~ In the TV show Star Trek, it was postulated that man could turn energy into matter. We can already turn matter into energy, what nuclear fission is. If we could reverse the process we could turn any energy into any material that we wanted instantly. Clearly God has that capability. He is the master of energy and matter which are really two sides of the same coin.; both are simply different means of expressing the same program which means  how to take an idea and make it real either as energy or matter. Jesus demonstrated God's ability to this when he fed the four thousand so that we would know that there is nothing that God cannot do.

Me ~ Given that, what is this fallen world we experience, some call it the 'lower' sphere and God is in the higher sphere. Some and let's just call them 'new age' Christians think that this world fell to Satan and he controls it, it is in the process of decay because he "Satan" is Error and caused error to come into the program. What do you say?

John ~  I would say it is a synthesis of those. We know from science that there are at least 11 higher dimensions. some of these could be time dimensions. We also have the potential for a multi-universe reality. Where every possibility exists any God that could create such a reality exists such a higher sphere of existence it is impossible to understand Him but only that which he wants us to understand and makes availability to us. the world we live in s a part of or fragment of reality a lower level of reality just as a two dimensional universe. The existence of entropy or decay in our universe is evident never to be eternal but to erode and disappear. as though God knew that evil would exist and placed it in this kind of universe so that it would never become eternal and be defeated. In much the same way death prevent evil people from living forever and thus causing a great deal less harm than if they would if they lived long lives.
Jesus dimension the higher dimensionality of God at the Transfiguration and at the Resurrection when he appeared in the upper room without entering. As well as his ability to walk on water and to go from one place to another as He did at the Sea of Galilee a couple of times.

Me ~ So now what?

John ~ So now we wait for the Lord to deal with those that have chosen to live in error and have selected darkness as their preferred existence and to resurrect those of us who have followed Him and bring us into the same glorious life He has and to restore the earth and the rest of the universe to its original glory.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Overcoming the Flesh

Me ~ This week I wrote on Godly Woman about overcoming the flesh. I said that marriage was the means for two to become spiritually one through consummation of the flesh. There is a lot of discussion out there about the flesh, not just skin/bodies but the world of material things also stands for flesh. Today, people seem to over indulge in the flesh and thus people are really unable to overcome it. What do you think and is it absolutely necessary for us to overcome the flesh and what for?

John ~ Yes, Jesus said that eternal life belongs to those that are overcomers. This is how we mature as Christians and prepare to meet the Lord for our eternal lives.

Me~ I agree. What do you think about marriage as the means for a married couple to overcome the flesh?

John ~ I agree with Paul when he suggested that some people who do have a strong need for sex they  should marry the opposite gender so that the enemy will not take advantage of them because of the weakness of their flesh and fleshy desire. 

Me ~ Ok, but why marriage at all? I mean couldn't people who have a strong desire for sex just have sex with anyone who is of the opposite sex in that way, they overcome that desire for it and can focus on the spirit.

John ~ That is assuming that sexual activity is merely an activity like eating or breathing. Sexual relationships have a deeper spiritual reality. On one level it represents the relationship that the Trinity has with itself; that the Church has with Christ. On another level it is meant to provide a stable environment to raise children. Providing them with the most effective means of social programming. So, marriage, is not merely a biological need but a spiritual one aimed at satisfying God's will, not ours. We read in the Bible that God created one man and one woman together and that they together should be fruitful. It was not until sin entered the world that we began to see men with multiple wives, prostitution, homosexuality and the deconstruction of the family leading to divorce all of which reflect spiritual decay.

And, as you wrote in your Godly Woman blog, multiple partners is indulging in the flesh not overcoming it, not consuming it with the aim of spiritual awakening