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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heaven vs Hell ~ The Difference in these 'Eternities'

Me ~ A lot of people wonder what heaven is, how would you describe it?

John ~ The place where God is, a place where everything possible, a place where all relationships are as they were meant to be.  And a place that is coming to earth one day.

Me ~ A lot of people wonder then what hell is...

John ~ Absolutely the opposite of the above. Where you are alone forever knowing that there will never be joy, hope, life, purpose and love. It is the absence of God.

Me ~ How do you know that people who end up in hell will be there alone?

John ~ If you live your life for yourself, you get to spend eternity by yourself. He loves you enough and respects your choice to give you what you want.

Me ~ Well, you have explained then the differences between these eternities. Do you think that people who end up in hell will be happy with their choice?

Me ~ Well, I think I could answer that myself -  No. Simply, we are social creations and without social interaction we are unhappy. However, without social interaction, we could just fade away into non-reality.  And, in saying that, how could people who end up in hell know that they are even there or anywhere; and that they will never have any hope, joy, life or purpose? Wouldn't they become a void, a non existent?

John ~ Our sense of self once created can never be taken away. So...wouldn't this be a torturous place for human beings who happen to be social creatures? That is why it is 'hell'! You might argue that upon death we all become voids... at least an atheist would think that. However, neither you nor I am not that, an atheist. Given that I/we believe we have been created by the Creator of Heaven and Earth and of all things seen and unseen, who in His creating us gave us free will, we are faced even in the end with a choice to make. Upon making that choice, we either then exist in heaven or hell. You see, I am still talking about relationships - the social reality. In heaven, we still can exist in a social relationship  ~ with God. Yet, by not choosing to be with Him, existence in hell is a torture because no one is there, because He is not there. Where He is everyone should be.

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