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The Analyst
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Created in the Image of God

Me ~ In Genesis, we can read that man was created in the image of God. Is there anything that we can find in our post-modern reality given today's quantum technology which seems to be pointing to the potential holographic nature of the universe?

John ~ These discoveries are helping us to redefine the nature of what is real. Since reality is that which we are perceiving... what is real to us, then it matters a great deal in how we see it....our  place in the universe. The fact that we are recreating technology that can easily explain the nature of the universe leads us to believe that man has been given the ability think like his creator.

Me ~ So, let me ask you then which technology is the best example of what that?

John ~ Creating virtual worlds using computers I think probably best illustrates our reality more than any other technology. We are creating simulations, though primitive compared to our universe, are in many ways very similar to how physics is describing our realty.

Me ~ Since you now mention physics, and in my first question, I suggest that quantum technology based on quantum physics points to a holographic nature of the universe, which in my opinion, also suggests a multidimensional aspect of it; would you say then that God multidimensional and also the creator of it?

John ~  Yes, I would.

Me ~  People are born, live and die and we can wonder what's is all about. If there is a multidimensional quality to our universe in relationship with the creator. then what is the 'His' purpose of this given reality?

John ~ Its a combination of training and testing mortals for godhood. Before anybody says that is blasphemy let me remind you that Jesus said "Are you not Gods?" In other words, God wants us to be like His Son in every way. So, while a God became a man, in doing so, we humans become like Him ... a god. So, this universe is designed to sort out those who choose that destiny and train them.

Me ~ If we are all created in His image, then what has to be chosen?

John ~ Adam and Eve were created in God's image. After they turned their back on God, their progeny were spiritually dead. Since we are descended from them, we have to ability to chose right and wrong, we have creativity, self awareness, imagination, these are all God like qualities. However, being spiritually dead, we are no longer fully in God's image. God's Son came to change that. And to give those who truly wish for it, the opportunity to be restored spiritually. This then, is what is meant by being born again into the image of God and it is those who are born again that are being trained into becoming like God.

Me ~ In our training to become like God, does that mean we can think that anything is possible as long as we believe in God and that alone gives us the power to succeed in whatever we do?

John ~ No. It does not. God gives us a great deal of freedom, but that freedom can lead one astray by assuming that one's desires are equal with God's desires. While one  We have to line up our desires with His, and put His desires first. Jesus never acted on His own, he did the will of His Father, and he constantly said so. The problem is unlike Jesus we do not live in a perfect relationship with God. So it takes years of training and practice to be able to know to hear God's voice and know what to do and when to do it.  God knows this and when we are new Christians, He makes it easier for us to hear his desires but as we mature as Christians we are expected to go deeper and to hear His voice more clearly. Following his voice leads us  to know his will is in every situation.

The original question was returning to the question, as we learn to hear God's voice and led by His spirit rather than by our fleshy desires,k we learn to differentiate between the two just as Christ did. It is wrong to assume even being born again, that your own desire equals God's desire.

However, God knows the desires of our heart and if they are pure, it is a good bet that He has placed them there. However, getting to the place in our life where our desires are met and are realized often is a circuitous and difficult path. Because, God is more concerned about our character development than about our desires, because in the end, our desires with proper care development will be the same as His... we will become what we were - created in His image.

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