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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Legitimacy of the Bible ~ The Word of God!

Me ~ As you know or have heard recently, there is again the debate about the legitimacy of the Bible being the Word of God. Maybe, it is just about what you believe in. What do you say?

John ~ The Bible is a document that has been well persevered and well protected over thousands of years of its existence. The Old Testament is so persevered, there is little or almost no serious discrepancy between the original Hebrew and the English translation. It is one hundred percent legitimate. One does not have to depend on faith to accept the Bible as a legitimate historical document. Archeological discoveries have been reinforcing the Biblical narrative. As far as a supernatural document it also has complete legitimacy. The Bible has made very specific future prediction about events that have happened exactly the way it said they would. This is evidence that this document is inspired by an intelligence outside of time and space. It is not from a source in our reality. It comes from somewhere outside of our time and space realty. It is thus, God's word to humanity. Any contradiction that critics say the Bible has is due to incorrect readings, taken out of context or misunderstanding the nature of the document. For example, The Gospels render the ministry of Jesus in different ways. In some places, it seems there is a contradiction being made. When in fact, it is simply reporting the same event from different perspectives and stressing different aspects of it.

Me ~ Today, I heard on the radio a scientist stating that we don't need God to arrive at the idea of an entity of higher intelligence being the source of mankind, in effect... alien God. Thus, we don't have to accept the Bible as written by a mysterious creator. We just have to accept that the Bible relates man's first encounter with this kind of intelligence.

John ~ As I just said, the Bible provides predictions that were made thousands years before they happened; unless, the intelligence exists outside of our space time continuum. How could it have inspired numerous writers, differing writers, over thousands of years, none of them in contradiction with each other? So, you could call this intelligence whatever you want, but only God could do that.

Me ~ What is the key message of the Bible?

John ~ The key message is that there is a God who created everything. His attributes are: love, justice, mercy/grace, and creativity; and, this God made man in His exact image to partner with Him in relationship for eternity.  In the process, man chose to go his own way. But God, knew this would happen and prepared a way to rescue mankind from himself and bring him back into that relationship, conquering evil at the same time.

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