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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Genesis Man

My Super Brainy Husband = A Genesis Man???

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When I first described my husband in the caption header on this blog, he was called a Genesis man.

Since then, I have been wanting to come back to that label I put upon him. Firstly, it captures who he really is by letting you know who he is not. He is not a Renaissance Man, nor a Post Modern Man, nor a Millennium Man, or a Secular Man.  He is the kind of man that Adam was; created in God's image, given dominion over the earth and all the animals, given a partner (taken from his rib) to care for and love and defend.  I like to think that the phrase 'taken from 'his' Adam's rib is a way to describe the kind of partner I am...well suited, of the same mind, body and soul. A partner who was given by God just for him and no one else. There are plenty of Adam and Eve jokes out there about the good, bad and ugly relations between Adam and Eve. Thankfully, there are some that are simple fun jokes that make you laugh at life and the relationship between a man and a wife.

I think of my husband as a Genesis man, the beginning of my world, the 'real' one that God had designed for me all along. Not one of my own design. That is the key. All too often men and women choose the wrong partner because they don't let God direct them to the one he has so perfectly designed for them. ;-)

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