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The Analyst
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Do you Belive in?

Me ~ What do you believe in?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe that the only purpose that we are here is to glorify God by our existence 'being' and to evolve into the beings that God always saw us as.
Me ~ Are you a creationist?
Brainy Husband ~ Yes, I am a progressive creationist. The world is old and mankind is new. The planet is many millions of years old as God prepared it for the placement of humanity. But man on Earth is anywhere from 100,000 to only 15,000 years olde. The Bible does not give exact dates and years and thus it appears that traditional biblical dating does not match with the scientific evidence. Plus the "days" of Genesis are clearly long ages of time and not literal 24 periods. We know this by the Hebrew word used for "day". However mankind has been civilized much longer than many think. The great flood is concurrent with the end of the last ice age: about 14 to 12,000 years ago. For instance, the Sphinx is much older than what traditional science, namely Egyptologists, say. I am not a young earth creationist. The facts do not fit. There was a much more technologically advanced world prior to the flood than existed up to our current day.
Me ~ What evidence of that do you adhere too?
Brainy Husband ~ We look at the stories of higher civilizations that disappeared with the great deluge. They were created by technology that we don't have today. For instance, the foundation stones at Baalbek in Syria are enormous cut stones that no crane in the world today could move and place them. And that is but one example.We know the ancient Greeks and Romans had the knowledge of steam and computational devices, passed down by what appears to be a greater earlier civilization. The tradition of an advanced destroyed civilization is found in cultures world-wide.
Me ~ Mmmm, well then, I have to ask...You say that you believe in a Creator, as in God. Do you mean that such a Creator is some kind of cosmic 'alien' God that has intervened in human progress, or put us here or even copulated with primitives here thus planting in us some image of them into primitive DNA?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe in a Creator God that is a singularity who is the upholder of everything that what we see and experience and all exists in his imagination. He exists outside of time and space and consists of infinite creativity, imagination, purpose and love.
All the aspects that make us human are reflections of that being -  that personal consciousness. Our universe is a holographic constructed simulation running whereby we, as his creations, are allowed to evolve into what he is developing into his children.
Me ~ How does any of what you say follow traditional Christianity or the Bible?
Brainy Husband ~ My perspective is gained from a literal interpretation of the Holy Scripture and extra- biblical documents referred to by the the scriptures themselves and corroborating evidence of modern scientific discovery. The bible is clearly a document inspired by a consciousness that exists outside of time or the many many prophecies it contains would never have happened.
 Me ~ What does man gain by your perspective?
Brainy Husband ~ Man gains his purpose in the cosmos not only as a race but as individuals, and has explanations for life as to the purpose of life which is for us through Him. It gives us confidence and hope that our God 'Creator' loves us so much that the difficulties in our life, have us move closer to him with the hope and knowledge that the world He determined for us He will deliver us to.
Me ~ Yes, but does man need God to think like that? An atheist could argue the same by saying that "man gains his purpose in the cosmos through science which gives confidence and hope that he can create a better world which will be his forever.
Brainy Husband ~  He can but it is a lie. Humanity is broken, humanity is incapable of creating a better world because, of our fallen nature. Those that do not know God cannot create the world that they want to live in because they are inherently corrupt and broke. Man, in his trying to create a better world, will find a loop of constantly attempting to create that which he desires and fail over and over again. History is that loop. A long succession of failure after failure. Such a loop that will continue forever. The only way to achieve a better world even that the atheist dreams of is only possible for man when he dies to this world ...the corrupt program. He leaves this world which is corrupt by sin and is uploaded to a higher level a higher program.
Me ~ In such a program, this corrupt program, the Bible certainly has a purpose, its a guide to get through it, right?
Brainy Husband ~ Yes.
Me ~ The Bible has many guidelines for social relationships. What is God's social hierarchy for men and women as in husbands and wives?
Brainy Husband ~ I believe that most people have a problem with the word submit because they don't understand the context in regards to the husband wife relationship. It is clear that this submission that the Bible talks about is not one is not dictatorial but spiritual that essentially woman taken from Man's rib to be under his protection and love. She was not taken from his foot to be trampled nor taken from his head to be boss over him. But like children there is a proper line of authority in a home (dad, mom and children) and the same line of authority exists with God's family: God, man as husband and woman as wife and then the children. Anything else generates chaos and social disorder  as it leads to corruption of the family unit which is the foundation of any civilization.

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