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The Analyst
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Man trying to be God!

Me ~ It seems to me that man is always trying to be God. He/she thinks that if we just have the right law, or pay people enough money for the job they do, they will be nice, they will behave and the world will be a better place.  Why is that impossible?

John ~ You see, the first problem that most people don't recognize is that this is a fallen world. Man cannot be good no matter how many laws or how much money for whatever job they do- doctor or broom pusher.
Laws nor money can make people be nice or behave. Embracing the Creator, the Lord God Jesus Christ is the only way back to 'paradise'.

Me ~ Yes, I see. But, what about man's idea that socialism would be a better way to some kind of paradise on earth. And, certainly technology is improving the way we live, right?

John ~ Socialism is just that... a man made idea. You see, there is a man at the top of that social hierarchy too. There is always someone a man/woman at the top of the social hierarchy here in this fallen world. The irony is that even if men/women do not put that person in such a place 'at the top' they will get there by force or by their attractive charisma. How? They make promises to change things. And, they say it in the plural form 'we'.  The problem with full blown socialism which is actually communism is that someone other than 'you or me' is calling the shots for everyone and yet making it appear that we did it together.

Now, I don't know about you but I would rather make my own decisions or as free as possible decisions based on a freedom loving social contract that gives me and you as much freedom to make our own choices as the next guy. So... why wouldn't someone in a full blown socialism 'communism' where everybody so called works together make something for me first let alone a paradise for me? Because, they are too busy making a paradise for those at the top first who cloak their agenda in 'we can do it'; and then, the 'someone' or guy makes something or does something for me or the guy next to them if they have enough time and energy left. And, what about that guy or the next guy, right? Would he/she be happy with the service provided by the guy next to them? Well, he/she should be proud after all they are 'we' and 'we can do it'.

Yes, that is what it would be like for you and me as we. As we ... we would be involved in doing services or serving our fellow man in every instance before ourselves. Now, you might say... isn't that Christian? Yes, but such a service minded Christian person does it because he/she is filled with the Holy Spirit not because there is a man made law that forces you to do it. 

Me ~ You did not mention technology. Wouldn't technology be able to provide for all people... give everyone what they want when they need it.

John ~ Yes and No. Yes, technology is making more lives easy but that does not mean better. A lot of people are losing their jobs because of technology. I don't think that technology can give 300 million+ people (US pop.) what they want when they want it. Who would be in charge of that kind of distribution? And, now we are back to the communist social hierarchy 'model' as I already mentioned. It could be based on merit as is full blown socialism. That means who works the most for the state is the most deserving. Perhaps those that develop the technology would be the most deserving; after all, they created it (no not everyone created it not everyone has a PhD from MIT) and thus as the creators deemed the 'smart' people or 'necessary' for the time being until they are replaced by technology would get first dibs.

Now, do you think that government or some 'technology' controlled by government would know what is best for you at any moment let alone the moment when you need something... and remember the government is made up of sinful men/women... ? Those at the top will serve themselves first and do it according to the law.

Stop looking to a malevolent entity! Look to one that is all benevolent - Jesus Christ!!!!


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