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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New World Order ~ Nebuchadnezzar's Iron and Clay

Me ~ Is there a connection between the New World Order and Nebuchadnezzar's dream?

John ~ Yeah, the New World Order. It is the Old World Order trying to reestablish itself as the preeminent order of the world just as it was during the time of Nimrod and the first Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar's dream described a statue of five parts starting with the head of gold which represents the kingdom of Babylon during King Nebuchadnezzar's reign. The second section of this statue in his dream was the silver chest of arms which represented Persia which came after Babylon. Then came the waist of Greece which overthrew the Persian Empire. Then came the two legs of iron representing the Roman Empire in two parts/legs = East and West Roman Empire.

Finally, we have the two feet of iron mixed with clay each with 5 toes totally 10 toes which is the number of world rulers who will be in command of the final empire of this world's history. This final empire is the New World Order which we are seeing develop today around the world but namely in Europe and the Middle East and including in the United States. These ten rulers (ten toes on the statue) will give their authority to one individual (known by three different names: the beast, the anti-Christ and the man of sin) whose empire will be over thrown by a stone that will destroy the statue completely and grow to be a mountain which represents the Kingdom of God which will replace the kingdom 'rule' of man on earth.

Me ~ So, the iron and clay represent what? The rulers are the toes as you said, but why iron and clay.

John ~ Clay and iron do not mix, they do not create a strong substance. Iron is strong and clay is brittle. Not only do we have one portion being strong we have one being weak combined into a single empire. The second thing is that they 'toes' are the evolution of the legs. The final empire is also the Roman Empire which is iron in the toes mixing with clay in the last days. The clay could be socialism vs capitalism (iron), Muslims vs. Christians (iron), or perhaps different ethnicities pitted against each other in Europe, or other Middle Easterners vs Europeans and lastly, the iron and clay could represent the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman which would be in opposition in the last days represented in two political entities competing to control the New World Order and be the final world government.

However, the problem with that final theory is that the legs of iron only represent the Roman Empire so why are the feet of iron mixed with clay and where does the clay come from. It has to be fundamental to the nature of the Roman Empire which had a strong nature. So, something comes into weaken the iron which is the clay. Two entirely separate peoples are mingling in this new empire which would be Islam vs. Christianity.

Me ~  Could it also be that the seed of the serpent is technology and the woman is mankind? These two don't mix and yet we see a desire to combine as in mix these two together.

John ~ That is certainly a possibility based on the direction and speed which trans-humanism is taking over mankind. Trans-humanism being the technology that is on the horizon as we observe with gene manipulation and technological enhancements that are supposed to make us safer, smarter and live longer as well as bringing ease of living when it comes to everyday life transactions and routines.

Me~ Does that in anyway tie into the New World Order?

John ~ Absolutely, the New World Order as it is the feet and toes described above especially if we consider the New World order having the agenda to be like Old World Order - Babylon. It is the last global empire whose agenda is like that of old world order where all people were on the same page, talking the same language, having the same religion and same money or monetary or merit system and the same government. Certainly, that kind of technology 'trans-humanism' would make it much easier to organize and manage. Finally, it must be said that this final world empire that will have a devastating affect on Israel.

The question is, how will it manifest itself? The Bible calls the New World Order - Mystery Babylon. And, I am not sure how that will happen. It could be due to war (s) or the unification of Europe with the Islamic Caliphate of the Middle East, at least this would be in keeping with the statue whereby the legs of the statue represent the Roman Empire.

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