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The Analyst
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Flesh ~ Corruption of Spirit!

Me ~ Why do we have so much sin of the flesh?

John ~ We have given up the spirit for the material ~ the Flesh. Everything that is not from the spirit is flesh; and, the flesh lies to us. The more we indulge in it, the more we are lied to.

Me ~ When we sinned, and I am going back to Adam and Eve, did we die then to the spirit and become flesh?

John ~ We became the opposite of the spirit ~ flesh. We lost our glorified bodies.

Me ~ Is there a way forward for the spirit?

John ~ Yes, there is death of the flesh. For Christians that means absent from the body, present with the Lord.

Me ~ Given today's popular and academic culture, not many people will like the sound of that. There is the moment toward trans-humanism. What do you think about that?

John ~ Well, it certainly follows what I was saying about the flesh lying to us. In our western culture, we have rejected the spirit in favor of the flesh. Trans-humanism is the attempt to perfect humanity by material means by mixing biology and technology so that we can become God like. in the words of the trans-humanists.

Me ~ What does that mean for man's salvation?

John ~ That means he/she is lost. The flesh is corrupt. Therefore, anything that comes from the mind is corrupt and therefore our technology is corrupt. All we will do is to multiply our corruption and guarantee a permanent state of damnation ~ the film "LUCY" is an illustration of man's desire to become immortal suggesting that everything we are is ~ the brain. This is a false notion. The brain is not us, it is flesh; and as I just stated, all flesh here in this world is corrupt.

Unless, we as Christians realize that salvation is only through God's plan which is to be spirit led, not flesh led. Take a look around, sin of the flesh is everywhere and it includes the mind as there are those conducting experiments to change man into a woman, and the other way around. We are cloning organs, mixing DNA. Man is succumbing to the lies of the flesh and He will ultimately perish in its pursuit. Salvation comes to those who seek the spirit.

In the last days, "... men will seek death, but will not find it, they will long to die, but death will elude them." Rev 9: 6-7

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