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The Analyst
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Evil and the MultiVerse

Me ~ The last time we talked, we discussed the problem of evil. Recently, there has been circulating again the idea of living in a multiverse. We also just read about a discovery of a small sphere in the atmosphere that may or may not be alien. Some scientists are suggesting that it too is somehow related to a multidimensional reality as in a multiverse. If that is the case, how does Christianity and the problem of evil which we discussed previously from a Christian perspective fit in to a multiverse?

John ~ Actually, the sphere is not associated with the multiverse. There is imagined that the sphere seeded life here. Could that fit into a multiverse?... no. I don't see the connection and thus it is a separate subject. Besides, this sphere has not been properly researched and we don't know what it is or they are (if there are more) and there is no peer review. While, the subject of the multiverse does have good minds behind it and has been peer reviewed and is an intriguing idea. In fact, it is fascinating as it explains away paradoxes such as how does free will and determinism coexist.  From a Christian viewpoint, the multiverse is an explanation for how God's omnipotence does not contradict our free will. And, in fact, uses probability to create the most optimal outcome for the universe and everything in it.

Me ~  How does the problem of evil fit with the multiverse?

John ~ Evil simply corruption by another name. As long as you have beings that have the ability to make decisions on their own, corruption is always present. Multiverse is a means by which God's omnipotence does not conflict with created beings free will. It allows the Creator to guide the universe toward the most optimal 's to guide the multiverse which is the infinite probability toward the most optimal conclusion.

For example, if you wanted the perfect outcome of any event or even a relationship given free will you could not control the choice of the other individual. But you would have the ability to select the best outcome to guide them toward that end. Because, as omnipresent Creator, you know what the best end is. This way you would be able to arrive at the conclusion and relationship which is best for both parities without taking away or diminishing the choices of either party.

The multiverse is ultimately a soup of probabilities all occurring simultaneously based on all the living beings that can make a choice. Evil or corruption is able to be utilized to create the most optimal conditions while at the same time allowing bad choices to exit but for a limited amount of time until finally eliminated all together.

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