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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Conflict in the Human Mind ~ Consciousness in Opposition to Unconsciousness

Me ~ Human consciousness appears to be in opposition to the unconscious aspect of nature and the universe. How is that problematic for the Christian and the problem of evil?

John ~ Immanuel Kant said that the mind does not conform to things, rather things conform to the mind. Why or How? It is through our conscious state of being.  There is no other way that we know the world in which we exist. In our consciousness we observe and experience what is called sentient existence. That means that human conscious beings recognize that there are other things in the world which are not sentient. This causes a conflict in the mind as those things which are not sentient appear to posses immortality while sentient beings are mortal. This is the conflict in the human mind and yet it should not be so in the Christian mind.

Me ~ What do you mean?

John ~  The universe seems absurd until we understand that the absurdity was brought about because of our corruption by disobeying our Creator right from the start. Mortality seems absurd due to the fact that the universe seems pointless as a non-conscious entity and that is absurd. So, the absurdity of life is a struggle to us as to why we are aware of this. Why are we even able to think about the absurdity of the universe which itself seems like an absurd discussion or contemplation.

As convoluted as that answer is or appears to be, our consciousness appears to be outside of a greater whole 'reality' of what a full conscious being should be. Yes, that is what we are aware of and have been since the fall. That is why I say that such conflict should not exist in the Christian mind as having embraced Jesus Christ we have acknowledged that our consciousness here and now is a lie and that our real conscious being is yet to come and that is only possible through death to this world.

The problem of evil is also the problem of sin. Essentially, the problem of evil is the outcome of original sin. That being a thorn in our flesh as Paul saw it. It reminds us that the consciousness we have of/in this world is a lie. That lie being a non 'fully' consciousness. The lie is a veil, it is a pair of eyeglasses through which we try to understand our true being which is with our Creator in Paradise, a true reality as it is without sin, without evil.

Me ~ What is consciousness?

John ~ It is not that we are conscious of this world and our person as in by ourselves... We are conscious because He lives. Consciousness is God streaming information into us and through us.  It is our choice to use that information for His glory! By doing so, our choice is for not only ourselves but our fellow man whose consciousness is also of Christ.

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