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Monday, November 21, 2016

If the Bible is Literal, What is Amillennialism?

Me ~ Is the Bible a real book?

John ~ Yes, the Bible is a real book that must be taken literally. It is a guide to the program Created by God in which we find ourselves. Hence, all Scripture is from a higher multidimensional realm which we have no access to as of yet. The Millennial is not yet here but it will be...

Me ~ Why does the Catholic Church and most Protestant churches promote the Eschatology that is called - Amillennial? 

John ~ The problem also with the Catholic Church and most Protestant Churches is their Eschatology... Catholics and most Protestants are Amillennial which means that they apply allegory to most of the Bible and worse the millennial (thousand years where Christ reins on earth with those that have died in the Lord and those of the first resurrection including those raptured) thinking that God is ruling in our hearts only... this goes back to Origen and Augustine. This is not Scriptural. It is spiritually allegorical.

Me ~ Ok, so why does the Catholic Church insist that the Pope is the vicar of Christ on earth?

John ~ The mistaken view taken by the Catholic Church is that the Kingdom of God has already come on earth due to the misunderstanding that there was going to be two thousand years between Christ's accession and His return. Instead of a literal Christ ruling in a literal Jerusalem the Catholic Church has as an institution attempted to fulfill that Scripture that spoke of Christ's ruling on earth. This is called Amillennialism... the Catholic Church sees itself as the Millennial ~God's Kingdom on earth. 

The problem with this is that such a supposition calls God a liar because it denies all the Scriptures that describe in detail this millennial period. This is actually replacement theology and a literal replacement for the 'real' Kingdom of God which will come when Christ returns. The Catholic Church pretends to be more than an illustration of that as the Pope is supposedly representing Christ on earth. The lie is that this is replacing Christ with a man... the Pope is a man and thus he is not Christ on earth. 

Me ~ Ok, so the Millennial comes after Christ's return.  Some people say that when Christ resurrected He also returned... His Kingdom was now upon the earth- the Millennial.

John ~ Yes, Christ's resurrection was not His return. In Scripture, angels say that He will come as He left... Not going up into the clouds but coming down from the clouds. If that were to be taken literally, that at His resurrection, He also returned, then why do we need the Pope. This was the question of the Martin Luther too was Amillennial. Well, we don't need a Pope. 

Me ~ So, is there a second coming? Or did it happen?

John ~ It has not happened yet. Read the Bible, there is still so much that has not yet taken place. The sign of the Son of Man will be in the sky. It affects all men on the planet earth. Everyone will see Him... everyone everywhere and they will mourn accept those that are His who will be taken up with Him.  

Me ~ Now, what if we imagine that all things are happening here and now as in layers (multidimensional) made possible just by perceiving. Those who do not believe cannot see Him nor His Kingdom. But, those that do believe can see Him and His Kingdom. We could go as far as to say this 'new' perception can and should also include and would have to include the New Jerusalem. How do we then account for the fact that the earth is not located in a new universe? Maybe its just that I don't see it as I am sure the argument would be made like that. And, what about poverty, sickness and catastrophe? I guess it would be explained that those things exist but only for those that do not believe and cannot see. 

John ~ Well, you know I am not a fan of supposing the layering illustration only because our experience is linear and that has not changed. Even if I were to try to imagine it, I would still find myself living and dying in a linear state of decay where money makes the world go around. Now, I guess I could toke on a spliff and things would start to look much better not only for myself but as I might see everyone else. Yet, how could I pretend that my best friend didn't have a heart attack or get cancer? How could I could pretend that sins like sexual immorality and murder did not exist but television and news papers are full of it. This is still a fallen world and it is passing away. Thank God Jesus Christ is Coming and when the Real Millennial is here, we will all know it.

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  1. It appears that the great deception is upon us. The Catholic Church is attempting to replace Christ's coming and His Kingdom on earth with one who is a man and one created by a man - the Pope.