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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grafted into the Abrahamic Covenant...

Me ~ What does it mean that Christians have been grafted into the Abrahamic Covenant?

John ~  It means that we have been adopted into the family that God created through Abraham. Interesting is that we have not been grafted into the line of Israel or Moses. Abraham was before the law. He was the first man of faith who pleased God by his faith not by following God's law. We have been grafted into that promise that Abraham was given that we would inherit a better Kingdom, a promised land and that is God's New Jerusalem.

Me ~ You said that we were not grafted into the line of Israel or Moses, then do the ten commandants apply?

John ~ Yes they do... because, they were not Mosaic law but God's law to everybody. The are ten laws that will always be practiced. God's law still exist. The ten commandments are the foundation laws of God's Kingdom.

Me ~ Should then the country of Israel be a major concern for Christians?

John ~ Only in this sense... because, we are grafted into the family of Abraham; we are spiritually related to the Hebrews. We as those grafted into the Abrahamic Covenant exist now as if at the beginning of the family of God on earth and Abraham was the first born of that. There are yet Hebrews that came after Abraham who did not accept Jesus and when they finally accept Jesus as their Messiah, they will join us in the family of faith which is Abraham and they will no longer be under the law sin and death. The Bible says that God will create one new man out of both.

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