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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Does God Repent and God's Quantum Signature of You!

Someone asked me if God repents, so does God repent? BTW, repent means to rethink.

Does God repent, it seems that way. Actually, its more the situation that people repent; when man thinks like 'God'. When man does God allows their prayer to be answered which shows us that God is merciful. The best example is either the flood story or Sodom. In both stories, God seems to have repented... change his mind. He saved Noah. He had mercy and saved 8 people. But, actually God doesn't change His mind. God did not wipe out all life at the time of the flood. God reacts to man's request when man is acting in the Holy Spirit, Noah was a God created being that God chose to be saved after He declared that He would not save anyone. In the situation of Abraham, when man is asking God to have mercy, knowing He is a righteous God, then God will react to man. God knew that Abraham was going to ask to save even a few ... and God responded to Abraham's request and God respected that. That is God's mercy and grace.

Quantum Signature -

We hear a lot today about gene manipulation. We are told to think that this is a way of helping people or healing people, or controlling the bad things that may or may not happen to people. In this fallen world, we should not tinker in such things that we have no business to be in. To understand man's (God given) quantum signature, we can imagine that its like a film. Imagine if a film an entire movie on film, made of discreet frames that when moved through a projector at the right speed gives the illusion of movement.

In this same way, we live a quantum life where each moment is quantifiable like a frames in a movie. I could take one frame and save that frame, you could be saved in that moment, you would be literally frozen in time. Man's ability to handle quantum knowledge only goes that far. We live embedded in the 3 D universe, we are unable to know more than what has happened and is happening but not the future. We could not resurrect anyone's life without the complete knowledge which is the person' lifeline. Just as I could not save a movie by saving one frame at a time. We cannot do that ourselves. But God, sees our life as an entire movie, one whole reel, so he is able to resurrect. What is known to Him can be resurrected without anything missing.

The brain is just an organic computer; but the soul, mind is running the program. This was the premise of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Would it be a different person should must have wondered? Yes, unless God does it, it will be a different entity all together.

The anti-Christ will come into existence in this way. We think we have created life in our own image but it won't be.

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